Thursday, March 06, 2008

what a way to start the morning!

As I was getting ready for work this morning, one SMS arrived. I looked at the sender's name and I was kinda stumped for a moment. It was from an old old friend (back when we were in primary school). I was surprised really, because even though we have each other's number, we never really contacted each other, even to say hi. Well, I did it once when I got her number but she said she was busy. And then I tried I once again but she never replied. I gave up then. So you can imagine my surprise when I received this SMS. Though glad, I could not shook off that feeling of being uneasy for the SMS as it came so early in the morning. Never have my instincts failed me.

The first SMS was vague, saying hi and good morning and asking me how am I doing, all that how-do-you-do kinda thing. So I replied vaguely as well with that oh-I'm-doing-just-great kinda thing. The next thing I know, she asked for a help. Help. From a friend. Okay. Shoot. She wanted to borrow RM 300.00 from me AND I have to bank in the money by today. Tadaaa! Surprise, surprise. And here I go thinking that maybe, she misses me. Maybe, she thinks of me and wonder how am I doing right now. Too much, Ummi, too much. Never expect such a thing.

How, my dear friend, am I suppose to tell you that I am penniless? Shall I start with telling you that I am yet to receive the cheque for the month of February from my boss? Or shall I enlighten you with the fact that my sister pay for my lunches? My sister, mind you. Or maybe I should tell you about how I have to compose every single word carefully to ask my mother for the money to reload my Touch 'n Go card. Or shall I tell you about that priceless 5 cents I used to reply every one of your damn SMS when my credit is fast decreasing? And, shall I remind you how pathetic I can be sometimes?

I, being so nice, just replied with I'm-very-sorry kinda thing. And she said thank you, take care and bye. At least she had the grace to say thank you, no? And I, disgusted by all that happened, flung the phone away. On the bed, my friends. Which resulted in me forgetting to put the phone inside of my handbag and left it at home on the bed instead. What a way to start the morning, don't you think so? It woke you right up. Maybe I should just participate in one of those internet scams where you can be instant millionaire so that I can give anyone money? Yeah, I know. I'm losing it.


  1. dear umi
    certain ppl only come to us when they need 'something' from us. becareful with that kind of ppl.

  2. When you said, she didn't reply your previous sms, I don't have a good feeling about this person already. Why at the spur of the moment, she came to look for you? Asking for money some more. Of course, I do understand she may be in need, but asking from a person that she hardly kept in touch?

    A friend in need is a friend indeed. Yes, but a friend who only look for a friend only when she's in need is not a friend to me, Ummi.

    You just did what you're supposed to do. You take care sis :)

  3. huh! this kind of ppl tak layak dipanggil kawan pun. time senang, langsung tak ingat kita. time terdesak, pandai plak carik kita.

    kalau i yang dapat sms tu, i akan reply balik, "hakkppttuihhhh!"

  4. siapakah dia? siapakah dia? adakah diriku kenal?

  5. hahaaa....baru ingat kawan ye..sounds desperate ( assuming )..well u gotta say what u gotta say

  6. kak Reen: we wouldn't know for the first time, no? pengajarannnn....

    kak Neeza: I should've known better

    cepotet: i igt u ade buat entry yg lebey kurang same gak kan. memacam kan perangai org ni?

    wani: don't think u know her. i knew her during my pandan indah years (2 years)

    neome: mmg desperate pn


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