Monday, March 10, 2008

welcome, march!

It's March. Apart from the rather exciting General Election, everything else sucks. This morning started off pretty bad as well with a rather disgruntled person letting the hell loose. Oh. And did I tell you a certain male SMS-ed my sister, asking her to go out to movie with him? A certain male who once confessed of his undying love towards me. Blearghhh!

Welcome, March!


  1. Aik!! what kinda man is that? teruknya... tell your sister, if he could do that to you, he could do the same to your sis... and many other girls... sabar aje laa..

  2. bagi dia award.." the spudest man of the universe"

  3. kak Neeza: nasib baik my sis is very very smart. and loyal to me. and the guy messed with the wrong girls, dont you think so?

    neome: a big L sign should be hanged around his neck. LOSER!


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