Tuesday, May 06, 2008

humpty dumpty II

Humpty Dumpty is an egg. A foolish one, if I may add. Hence, the comparison I made earlier was way off. We, humans, are way tougher and smarter than an egg. We may fall, but we won't break. We may fall, but we will get up and move on. That's the whole point of falling, isn't it? We fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up. Falling is learning, so that we won't fall again. Even if we do break, we could always pick up the pieces and move straight ahead. Even if the all King's men and all the King's horses couldn't put us back together again, we can always rely on our families and friends.

Falling is necessary in life, I guess. We'll get scratched and bruised every now and then, but that's what makes it much more meaningful. We'll heal. We'll move on. We'll survive. Every bits and pieces of this life is a learning process. Problems will come and go. What's life without problems, no? After all, this is the not-so-perfect life *winks!*.

Life is way too precious to give away. It is too colorful to be dulled by one little fall, no? It was very shallow of me to question our very own strengths in comparison to Humpty. Humpty had a great fall. Humpty broke into thousand pieces. Humpty could never be put together again. Why? Because Humpty does not have this...

... to cheer him up. Humpty didn't have the care in the world to sit on top of a high wall. Perhaps what Humpty needed is a bit of love. And a brain.

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