Tuesday, May 13, 2008

wahleci, the revelation

It's funny sometimes how a word could invite so many questions and guesses. A word like 'wahleci' for instance. Eh. Actually, 'wahleci' is not a one-word word (did I get my sentence correct?). 'Wahleci' is actually 'buah laici' or lychee. Where did the 'wahleci' come from? I guess it was my way of being cute *puke*. And why am I using 'wahleci'? I'll tell you, not to worry.

There was time when I was hooked to Maxis WAP Chat. It was the time when the Internet is not my everyday food. It was the time when laptop and PC is just for games and movies and music... and assignments, of course. So my way of interacting with other people was via Maxis WAP Chat. When first stepping into the chatting world, I was at lost as to what nickname I should be using. I didn't want something trashy or too girly. Somehow, the word 'lychee' came into my mind, thus 'lychee' was born. From 'lychee', the nickname spurned into something else. Soon, people started calling me 'leci'. And from 'leci', it became 'lecikang', 'buah leci' and in the end, it was 'wahleci'.

And 'wahleci' isn't just a mere nickname for me. Through 'wahleci', I met someone that until now affectionately calls me 'leci'. I've known him for a while now. We was attracted to each other at the earlier part of our relationship, but I wasn't ready for any commitment yet. So we stay as friends, until now. He's more like a brother to me now. And he's married. I congratulated him on his engagement once here.

So, in a way, 'wahleci' is a special name for me. When I first started this blog, 'wahleci' was still pretty much a part of me. Now, it is just a fragment of a memory. A special one at that. And that, my friends, is why the 'wahleci' word in my URL.


  1. cool! I'd always idly wondered about it,,, now I know :-)

  2. i can sleep peacefully now. :)

  3. akak ingatkan wahleci tu nama martial art cina.. hahaha!!! sebab baca 'le' tu macam leee and bukan ley..

    skrg dah tau...


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