Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the debate: my take

First of all, let me make it clear that I am in no favor for any side at all. I am just stating my point of view based on what I've seen and heard and understand. Now, everyone in Malaysia knows about The Debate, so I don't think I want to elaborate more about it. This is just my 2 cents worth.
  1. I believe The Debate is the platform for the government to reconcile with the rakyat over the fuel matter. It is the platform for the government to clarify things with the rakyat and to be truthful to rakyat as to why the hike is drastic. Unfortunately, we could only hear personal bashing from the government side. He made some good points, to be fair, but it was overshadowed by the fact that he kept straying from the topic and kept dragging up the past when he should be focusing on the topic at hand. Such a shame.

  2. Being in the school debate team for two years, I have a pretty clear idea on how a debater should present his/her points. The intonation, body language, eye contact, style etc. have to be executed flawlessly to convince the audience of the debater's stand. Sad to say, the Minister was nowhere near convincing while DSAI was animated and well, convincing. The way DSAI drove home his point, it is without doubt that he came out a winner. Now I know why he got so many supporters (that's NOT including me). It was a failure on the government side. Such a shame.

  3. It is important for the debaters to stand on what they believe by stating the facts and figures, not by making personal attack and dragging up the past that was, at most times, irrelevant to the topic. The debaters should be able to convince the audience on what he stands for, his believe. And to back it up with facts. They should be able to answer the questions directed to them without going off track. More often than not, the Minister seemed to be at lost as to what he should be answering. Suffice to say, rakyat is still left in the dark as to why the price of the fuel has to be increased so dramatically. Another loss for the government. Such a shame.

  4. DSAI made it clear to the Minister that he is not attacking Petronas over the fuel matter. Rather, he was questioning the billions of Ringgit given by Petronas to the government. I don't think the Minister understood the point. He brought up Petronas every now and then during the period of the debate, which was irrelevant, to me at least. I, along with other people, would like to know whatever happened to the billions of Ringgit given by Petronas to the government. As well as the money used to subsidize the fuel before. The Minister failed to clarify where the money has gone to. Such a shame.

  5. Whether what DSAI said is true or not, it doesn't matter now, does it? Because clearly, he won it hands down. He drove his points home convincingly, he backed it up with figures and facts and wits, of course. He did not resort to personal attack, rather he was debating the real issue. The Minister, meanwhile, waddled through so unconvincingly. Whats with his flat tone, the foaming at his mouth (yucks!), the character bashing along with other things. The government clearly made a mistake by choosing this guy to go head to head with DSAI because DSAI is known for being a good speaker. Rather from amending things and clarify the issue with the rakyat, the government managed to made itself looks like a complete fool and a total failure, not to mention immature. Such a shame.
There. I've said it. Now, would someone (or maybe two) please step down?


  1. i did not watch the debate..i know it is going to be 'heartbreaking'..i know it was not the right person for DSAI to 'debate' with...


  2. rasa pendek sgt masa debat tuh..sejam mcm tak cukup...hehhe

  3. neome: heartbreaking? i dunno. but yeah, shabery was not the right person to go against anwar. too flat. and too inexperience.

    13may: jadila sejam kot. rase x sanggup lg dh nk nengok argument yg agak one-sided

  4. voicesync4:57:00 PM

    Shaberry kantoi.. personal attack so lame... siapa la letak dia jadi Info Minister..?
    The other faggot - Jawa Nordin Kardi UUM.. really stupid.. IPP not using petrol aaa? Mega bahalol!

    Petrol should be at RM5.00 per litre.. but NO toll, NO AP's,NO TAX.
    Public Transport - bus/lrt/kommuter on time and on par with London tube/french TGV and the charges ought to be cheaper as profits goes by volume and quality services.


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