Tuesday, July 15, 2008

untitled, part ii

Diane ran her fingers through her thick black hair as she checked her reflection in the mirror. She frowned at the dark circles under her eyes. In the background, the sound of 'Smooth Criminal' could be heard faintly coming under her baby blue encased pillow.

"Are you not going to answer that?" Diane's sister, Ezra came in and sat cross-legged on her bed. Diane shrugged nonchalantly. She picked up her silver hairbrush and started to brush her shoulder length hair.
"It's him again, isn't it? Why don't you just tell him off?"
"I don't want to have anything to do with him anymore," Diane replied, without looking at her sister.
"Then tell him so. Maybe then he'll stop bothering you,"
"I can't even stand to hear his voice,"
"Text him, then. You are just giving one excuse after another. Do you still have feelings for him?"
"Not in a million years! You know how much I hate him," Diane turned to look at her sister directly in the eye, trying to convince Ezra, as well as herself.
"Then answer his call and say 'Go to hell' to him," Ezra reached for Diane's cellphone under the pillow, which was still belting out the chorus of 'Smooth Criminal' over and over again and handed the phone over to the owner. Diane looked at the screen for a moment or two. She pressed the red button. Michael Jackson went silent. Ezra shook her head.
"Pathetic," and Diane was just about to smack her with the silver hairbrush when she quickly added "Not you, I mean, him!"
"Good to know which side are you on," Diane looked into the mirror again, checking out the ugly dark circles beneath her eyes. She would have to put a ton of concealer to cover up the dark circles, no doubt. I look like a freaking panda! She said to herself.
"Say, Di, can I borrow some money?" Ezra said carefully to her sister's reflection. Diane stilled for full two seconds.
"How much?"
"About 100. If it's okay with you,"
"What do you want to do with the money?"
"I need to buy a pair of shoe. And some other things before I go back to school,"
"Why don't you ask mom?" Ezra made a face at that question.
"Like you don't know how mom is," and Diane sighed. She did know. Who didn't? In this house, anyway.

Diane thought about the money in her account. She thought about her own survival for the next three weeks before payday. She also thought about how hard it is to say 'No' to her sister. Among all her other sisters, Ezra has always been the most helpful and kindest one to her. Ezra would always help her out without second thought. Ezra would lend her money to Diane, that is if she has any, without even asking for what.

"I'll transfer it to your account tomorrow,"
"Thanks, Di! You are the best!" Ezra jumped off the bed and hugged her sister from behind.
"No big deal," Diane replied smilingly.

Yeah, no big deal. So she'll skip her lunch for the next few weeks. No big deal. She could always eat big breakfast before going out for work. No big deal. She has to sacrificed her own needs for just a few weeks. Just for three weeks. It'll pass by in a blink. Yep. No big deal at all.

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