Tuesday, July 08, 2008

new template

As you've noticed, I changed my blog template. It's kinda clean and simple. But I have to admit I still love the old classic one. This one is the beta version. I thought it's about time I change the template.

What do you think of this template?

Or should I just stick with the old classic one?

Any suggestion?

Please do let me know, ya!

In the meantime, I'll leave this new template to get myself accustomed to it. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get used to it. Who knows?


  1. sngt cantik dan kemas..
    i like it!~
    share la url nye..

  2. Akak suka this one.. look exclusive.. macam the owner jugak :)

  3. Kak Misha: linknye ade kat bawah sekali. credit tuh

    Kak Neeza: this template is growing on me. nmpk kemas. n exklusif gitu. hehehe

  4. I like the way the blog looks--a lot of visual interest. I had the same inclination not long ago. Sometimes you just need to clean house for yourself, so to speak.

  5. this template is surprisingly superb! babe...lurve it!!!!!!!

  6. glenna: thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comment as well.

    neome: heheh. thanks. i am planning to keep using this template. wait. no. im going to stick with this template :D


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