Wednesday, July 02, 2008

survey #1: KTM komuter


That is exactly what I think about KTM Komuter.

The contributor to the frustration? Like mangifera said here, not punctual. Never punctual, actually. I've been using KTM Komuter to commute to work 6 days a week, and to find one day where the commuter is on time is indeed very rare. 10 to 15 minutes behind the schedule is normal. There was one time when it was 1 hour late. 1 hour, my friends. Even if it is 20 minutes late, the platform will be flocked with people. Imagine 1 hour late! When it was time to board the time, the Malaysian courtesy we are so proud of just flew out of the window. Even the makciks who earlier on walked so slowly gained miraculous strength to participate in the push and shove event. On board the train? Sardines in a tin is a very pale comparison, my friends. It is OK in the morning, when everyone is fresh from the shower, but in the evening? Man oh man, if there is ever the death of suffocation of body odor! And you try so hard to keep your feet safe from all the high heels.

Cepotet also said that it is slow and err... slow that taxi is much better. Yes, taxi is another option to move around but then again whats with the traffic jam and the stupid meter-less fare given. But I have to disagree on the "positive - tak ramai orang sangat so takde la sesak sangat" part, my dear. Most of the times, the KTM Komuter is packed with people. Now that the price of the petrol is increased, more people are using KTM Komuter as a mode of transportation. The more the merrier they said, huh? Try getting into the train without being stepped on or without being pushed until you have difficulties to breath. But yes, according to both Kak Neeza and Cepotet, the seat is much more better and comfortable from the LRT. Does it count when you could just glare at the people sitting comfortably while you are depending on the pole to keep you from kissing the floor? Hehehe!

Precious Sharihana, meanwhile, said that it is CONVENIENT (with caps). Yes, it is convenient. More convenient when the station is located like 10 minutes walking distance from your home. But yet, convenient does not translate to efficient. Convenient does not even describe punctual! Convenient it is, but it still doesn't make up to the inefficiency. Imagine the frustration of having to wait minutes after minutes for the train to come. And the numbers of people keep increasing for every minute that passed. And the percentage of you getting a seat is dwindling very fast. And you are tired after a day at the office. Just by typing all these words alone gives me the headache.

Lynne, meanwhile, gave a more vivid description relating to her experience with KTM Komuter. All that 'ketiak' aroma... sheesh! Horrific, I tell you. And Wani said it is late as well. The punctuality is the real issue here. How can you not be frustrated if you are being keep waiting for such a long time when you just had a long day at work? And to find yourself in a position where you actually have to fight to even get on board the train every single day. It's tiring. It's F.RU.S.T.R.A.T.I.N.G. And like Soraya said, it is packed. Most of the times, especially in the morning when everyone is rushing to work and of course, in the evening, when everyone is rushing back home. At this particular time, the word Malaysian courtesy is just a myth. Yes, a myth.

Overall, what Adiba said sums up my frustration the best. You arrive at the station and the board showed that the train will be arriving in 5 minutes. Hurray! But then came this, "Tren ke Rawang kini berada di stesen Salak Selatan dan akan tiba dalam masa 12 minit. The train to Rawang is now at the Salak Selatan station and will be arriving in 12 minutes time." Frustrating. Or maybe, you'll hear this "Tren ke Rawang akan tiba dalam masa 20 minit. The train to Rawang will be arriving in 20 minutes time." How can you not be frustrated, tell me. Never ever trust the blue board. Ever. Trusting the blue board will only get you gritting your teeth in fury. At these times, I have a rather strong urge to roll up my sleeve and march straight to the counter and demand the KTM people to tell me why is it that the Komuter is never on time. But then again, it won't change a thing, no? KTM Komuter is currently doing some major overhaul (kononnya laa!) until forever don't-know-when. Could it be that this 'major overhaul' thingy includes testing the people's patience? Hmm... I wonder.

Up until now, I still could not bring myself to say anything good about KTM Komuter. I just couldn't. The degree of my frustration suppresses my desire to sang praises toward KTM Komuter. Lately, the service has become more and more frustrating. Why encourage people to use Touch 'n Go card when there are only 2 lanes provided (that is if either one is functioning la kan)? Why is it that the train is never on time? Why? Why? Why? One time, I was stepped on twice in one day. TWICE! With high heels, nonetheless. The pain was so intense my eyes actually watered. I cursed KTM Komuter incessantly that time. Because it was 30 minutes late. And the train is loaded with people. And the air conditioner wasn't working! Major overhaul my a**! Seems that everytime there are loads of people on the train, the air conditioner will stop working. First class service indeed. BLEARGH!!!

P/S: Thank you so much for all of you who participated in this survey. I appreciate it very much. Thanks!!!


  1. i heard from a reliable source the reasons for the KTM problems are:

    1)enjin dah teruk sgt dan kena tukar. sepatutnya kena tukar years ago sebab residual amount enjin dah tinggal zero.
    2)enjin dia cap China.

    i don't know whether it's true or not though.

  2. has been a lost....:-P

  3. wani: lets just wait and see the result of the so-called major overhaul.

    neome: aa? lost aa?

  4. lawatan sambil belajar...i had bad experience with komuter too..but with the passenger..not the train itself..:)lcafz

  5. tikus kampung: kalau nk cerita tentang the passengers itself, sampai esok pn belum tentu habis. hehehe!


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