Monday, August 25, 2008

new chapter

Initially, I thought I'd make this blog restricted but my sister could not access the blog even though I've invited her. And this restriction thingy is kinda like 'chicken' to me. As far as I'm concerned, I've done nothing wrong, so why should I hide? With that in mind, I've decided to keep this blog public. Hurray!

Apart from that, I've also made up my mind to keep moving on with my own life. My 'talent' is that I could forget so very easily. While I may not forgive, I forget. For me, it is as simple as deleting the number from the phonebook, as easy as clicking the delete button on my messenger. You and I both can go on with our own lives, separately by all means. You can continue with your lying and cheating ways, as long as I'm not in the picture. I am bitter, all right. But no matter, I'll get over it soon enough. You taught me a lesson and you taught me well enough.

You, my friends, might be wondering what this is all about. Lets just say that some men are more of a scumbag than the others. Lets just say that I can be way too naive sometimes. And I'm not going to let that stop me from living my life the way I want. And so with this entry, I am burying that very part of my life. Just like I'm blocking the calls, I'm blocking the memory of this whole mess.

With this entry, I'm closing a chapter of my life. A new chapter is opened. It begins now...


  1. aik!! what happened? anyting wrong ke ummi? take care ya..

  2. kak neeza: this is life... u can never trust anybody nowadays

  3. Anonymous7:07:00 PM

    le moment viendra .. :)

    Dont worry, be happy.
    Dont think too much.
    Always do whatever u think is good for yourself.
    Dont trust anybody. *this one funny*

    Taking care, may ur new chapter of life begin with blessed :)


  4. man sux, luv sux

    $$ on the other hand, meant the world... so let juz go make lotsa moolah n haf fun!! oh yeah!!

    p/s : thnx for the award... tp after abes tulis pasal convo nnt la br suria amek award tu.. hehe

  5. anon: thx for the advice. and if i got my french correct, somehow i'm wondering who could u be...

    suria: so many punya insiden punya convo! glad u survived! hehehe

  6. aii, some ppl have to lie to live.
    idiot.neway, doa je la die rot in hell

  7. Mr.Smith9:48:00 PM

    Forgive and really depends in the situation... Life goes on. Just be happy that u are still able to breathe when u wake up every morning.. bersyukur!

    remember what i've said last time we chat.. ? Something will turn out ok.. out of this!

    keep smiling...

    ur "dark knight"

  8. kakak: liar liar pants on fire~~~ biar hangus!!!

    my "dark knight": yep, i do remember. but i forget, i dont do forgive. tunggu raya la baru cool down sket kot. hehehe!

    neome: phew~~~~


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