Friday, August 22, 2008

award #2

Not that I'm counting. Oh, who am I kidding!? It's an award, not a daily occurrence, mind you. Well, at least not for me laa! Anyways, I wanna say a trillion thanks to Kak Misha for this award. Thank you for even considering me to accept this award. This is the award... tadaaah!

There are rules, however, to accept this award which I must abide to. The rules are:
  1. Put the logo/award in your blog
  2. Link the entry to the person who awarded it to you
  3. Give/nominate the award to another seven (7) blogger friends
  4. Link the nominees/receivers
  5. Inform them about it
Simple! So here are the seven lucky people I've chosen:
  1. Kak Neeza's A Slice of Bledho (not sure whether you've received this one before 'cos you've won many already :P)
  2. Suria's Addicted to Coffee (your first award kot!)
  3. Soraya Hani's Heartless Angel (a belated welcome back present)
  4. Kakak's Through My Heart (a motivation for you to update the blog)
  5. 13 May's Layan Kepala (always love your blog!)
  6. Neome's Mundane (for those thought-provoking and confused entries)
  7. Lynne's Life After Work (for those funny entries... and weird recipe)
There you go. Congratulations, I suppose.

Thanks again Kak Misha for the award!


  1. 'you've won may already' hahahaa!! kalah Dato' Siti cam tu...

    thanks dear! really appreciate it :)

  2. may: welkem~

    kak neeza: alala... u deserve all of it. and welcome!

  3. weh, ai update my blog kay
    cume tenet uitm neh bodo sket

  4. I've claimed te award :)

  5. sorry...lambat masuk..hehhe.. "thought provoking" eh..hehe.. ill take tht as a compliment hehheh..thank you darling!!! muahhhxx

  6. kakak: since when tenet di uitm is ever pandai one?

    kak neeza: i've seen it in ur blog. thx!

    neome: you are most welcome!


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