Thursday, August 21, 2008

stop sign

Lying, my friends, is like eating a piece of rich chocolate cake. For some people, it will be sweet, it will be so good, so easy, so enjoyable. For some others, while being sweet and good and easy and enjoyable, there's the consequences to bear, the guilt. Few others, meanwhile, just eat it without any care in the world. They don't care about the taste, they don't care about the consequences. To them, it's just another cake. Just like a world class sleazebag, who doesn't give a damn about his lies and the consequences of it.

A world class sleazebag who will lie just about anything and everything. I am most unfortunate to came upon this kind of person in this lifetime. Trusted him, I did. And the truth, all of it, was bared to me at 3 early this morning. And it shook me. It was like a hard slap across my face. It was like being in another reality. A reality where a person could just lie like nobody's business. A reality where a person could lie just about anything; his work, his family, his friends, his life. Alas, my eyes were opened wide.

I should have known earlier. But how am I suppose to know, anyway? He's a world class slimeball, a tip top liar, a professional sweet-talker. I almost fell into his trap. Almost. I was saved, fortunately. I was saved by the person who earlier I thought of as an enemy, as the other woman. She saved me from falling even further. She pulled me away from the web of lies he had woven around me. And I'm grateful for it. Really I am. The stop sign has been given.

And when I needed someone to talk to at that time, no one was around. Another stop sign. Stop depending on other people. Stop being so gullible. Stop being so damn nice. Just STOP. And that is exactly I will do. I will stop. Not from blogging, though. Did I get you there? Hehehe. No more these lies rubbish and crap anymore. I'm gonna move on. And you, you jerk, a**hole, jacka**, bastard, you can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. You are a sorry excuse for a human being.

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  1. wow, you never knew where you can put your trust nowadays.

  2. count me in! : azlynne1972 [at] gmail [dot] com

    yup, I've been there... betrayed by lots of people, and unfortunately done my share of betraying too. In the end, I built up a lot more judgement on who to trust / not trust, and have improved on myself too.

    My one bit of advice: never say never. Having a negative outlook on life, having a negative expectation on people, will make the chances of the expectation coming true much higher (i.e. you get what you expect). Instead, just be cautious, don't rush things, ... don't commit, but don't judge everyone guilty until proven innocent, y'know?

    hope that makes sense!!

  3. wani: agreed!

    lynne: i'm just kinda shocked, really. we talked practically everyday, and i never saw this coming. so it's kinda hard to take it all in. i really thought i could trust this person. apparently, he's a damn good actor.

  4. Anonymous3:14:00 PM

    interested 2 know further.

  5. could really talk. and women will keep listening. *sigh*

    that's how it happened and it will continue to happen as long as we keep it up.

    i would love to be invited to continue reading your blog. here's my email:

  6. anon @ nadeya: pls drop me an email at to identify yourself

    mangi: suppose the 'talent' is natural? and we women are suckers for sweet words, no?

  7. Anonymous4:41:00 PM

    thank god you've been 'SAVED' by 'OTHER WOMAN' :)~

    *wink* ;)

  8. Mr.Smith9:42:00 PM

    hmm.. lucky u dont fall for his trap/sweet talk... otherwise.. pehhhh... very the susah to save u one!

  9. anon: *confused*

    mr. smith: once burnt, twice shy!


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