Wednesday, September 17, 2008

is it me, or...'s just that I'm getting older? I mean, Aidilfitri is not so far away now but I could not work up any excitement whatsoever. And in my case, it's freaking weird. Before this, I would always get ecited about Aidilfitri. The whole balik kampung and family get-together thing would always cheer me up, making me feel so excited about Aidilfitri. But this year? I feel kinda... nothing.

No, no. Don't get me wrong. The prospect of balik kampung and the family get-together are still appealing. Enticing even. I'm all for it. Can't hardly wait. But it feels like the excitement kinda dimmed a bit. I wonder why? Even the Raya songs are not working its magic just like it used to. Am I getting a bit too old? Sheesh!

Maybe the feeling will come soon. Maybe I'm just kinda too immersed with my work. Or maybe it is due to this unstability we are currently facing in our country. Who knows. Even in Ramadhan you could not have some peace. This war of words and political drama is getting kinda lame, annoying and irritating to me. It makes me sick to my stomach to have to witness all of these craps. Whatever happened to this country, I have no idea.

Balik kampung is the only break I have from my work. I'm looking forward to it. Lets just hope we could have a peaceful Aidilfitri, shall we?


That's the cheeky smile I've been looking for!
My little angel...


  1. it feels like things has changed.
    no,u r not the only one feel that way..

  2. ok..i'm rephrase..mature the feeling ages..

    Hope this aidilfitri will eliminate the 'chaos' for at least a week ehehe

  3. ooooooooiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhh!! wth!! x excited!! im gonna slam u directly on yer face once u get here coz of ur "im not excited abt it" yada yada yada... bleargh..!!

    raya spirit go go to kak long~~ puuh puuuuuuuuhhhhhh~~!!!

  4. kakak: i think everything should be fine soon

    neome: hopefully la! org nak raya, depa sebuk nk take over sana, gado2 sini

    suria: aminnnn~~~

  5. ahh..
    23 is just the number!
    go get ur creamy mango ice cream,
    switch on the tv
    and watch astro ceria,
    talk to somebody, she or he!
    cos i'm not excited too
    so weird huh..


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