Monday, September 15, 2008

sweetest things

It is rare really to witness Liverpool beat Manchester United in the Premier League, but hey, they freaking well did it! They did need the help of Wes Brown, though or else, they'll have to be satisfied with a draw.

The main point, though, is that MANCHESTER UNITED LOST! So much for the Berbatov hype. Guess it takes more than a Berbatov to give the not-so-invincible MU the win. Maybe they need a certain Ronaldo. Without that Ronaldo, they appear more of a Red Dearies rather than Red Devils. Ahahaha. You can tell how much I dislike MU, right? So sorry for their loss. Not!

And now Chelsea is at the top of the table. Even the tiba-tiba super rich Manchester City with their newly-assigned Robinho could not do anything against the Blues, even with John Terry's sending off.

I'm rambling. And I don't care. I need to take my mind off something else. By the end of the season I might as well cover my face with a tudung saji if Chelsea tiba-tiba lose again and again. Still too early to say la. I hate Liverpool, though but I despise MU even more. Maybe if you kick that old fella with the name Fergie out, I'll like MU a bit.

Eh. I like Arsenal, too, though. They got terrific players. Plus, the players are young and handsome skillful.

Enough of this football talk already! You think you are Rob Hawthorne or what???

Oh. By the way. Glad to see someone else on the podium rather than that Lewis or Kimi or Fernando. Really. A breath of fresh air. And that's not football my friends.


  1. arsenal?? salah dengar ker?

    tapi cam ada orang taip arsenal..


  2. woah! football fan!

    lurve chelsea too...dono much about arsenal//maybe i shld checkout the players//heheeee

  3. mr_aries: salah dgr? salah tgk laa.hahaha!

    neome: wah. another chelsea fan! hoye2


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