Tuesday, October 28, 2008

showing off

My sister, NOT MOI, took this picture. She took this picture for her assignment. I like the picture very much, that's why I'm putting it up here. Actually, she gave me three pictures and I like all three, but she told me I can only put one of it in my blog. Sigh. Kedekut! Hehehe. She's really really really good at what she does i.e taking pictures. And yes, I am showing off. Even if the picture is not mine.

Really nice, don't you agree?

She has been taking up several jobs photographing for weddings and so far, people are happy with her works. They should, anyway. She gives her 110% when it comes to photography, which I dare say is her ultimate passion.

Head over to her blog, Through My Heart for more pictures.

And yes, I am being a really good sister by saying nice things about her photos and skill so that she will take great pictures of me when I get married because it is the truth after all!


  1. the bride is gorgeous.

  2. yess very nice...colour contrast excellent...and also element of old and new in there!

  3. nak tanya skit bleh tak? Camna dapat backdrop ni?

  4. adiba: isn't she

    uncle id: my sister got the eye for photography huh

    may: sempooooi~

    fandi: http://freeskins.blogspot.com/


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