Monday, November 24, 2008

the wedding plan

School holidays is here. What else there is to look forward to besides weddings, weddings and more weddings? Not that it's a bad thing, though. Marriage is essentially a reunion of two hearts, a beautiful way to start one's new chapter of life.

As for me, I still have a long way to go. Well, I think so. To start a married life, one needs to think carefully and be ready to accept all the responsibilities that come with marriage. But anyway, one cheeky miss really would like to know what my wedding plans are, so she tagged me. No harm, I guess. And plan as I may, who knows what the future holds for me? I'll just plan away, anyway...
  1. How old are you?
    I am 23. Still young, right?

  2. Are you single?
    After all my ramblings about 'that certain someone', for sure I am not single. I am taken.

  3. In what age do you think you'll get married?
    Gosh! I don't know. Perhaps 5 years from now? Is that reasonable enough?

  4. Do you think you'll be marrying the person you are with now?
    Insya-Allah. If it's written in the stars...

  5. If not, who do you want to marry?
    Hurm... lets see. Bill Gates is already married. David Beckham also already taken. Oh well... too little men, too big a world. Maybe I'll just stay single for all my life.

  6. Do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?
    A beach wedding sounds nice but I think I'll go with the traditional wedding.

  7. Your ideal motif?
    Err... can somebody please explain the meaning of this question to me?

  8. Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
    I would say Bali but then it will be so cliche, don't you think so? I think either New Zealand or Switzerland would be so great to indulge with all the beautiful sceneries.

  9. How many guests do you think you'll invite?
    This one is a tough one. Let me see... there are my friends from school, the university, the Net. Then there are the relatives, the families, family's friends. It's a wedding, you won't want to miss out anyone!

  10. Do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?
    I would love a simple, intimate wedding.

  11. Do you want the traditional vows or something you'd make up on your own?

  12. How many layers of cake do you want to have?
    That is up to Aishah, I guess, 'cos she's the one with the baking skills.

  13. Do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?
    At a simple place.

  14. When do you want to get married; evening or morning?
    Preferably in the morning.

  15. You'd rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?
    Indoors, please. We won't want our pretty, dolled-up faces to melt under the blazing sun, do we?

  16. Do you like a grand entrance for your groom?
    Why should only the groom be granted for the grand entrance? We both will make a grand entrance.

  17. Name the song/tune you'd like to be played at your wedding.
    If I am to marry the person I am with now, it will be Ruang Rindu by Letto.

  18. Do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
    Either one.

  19. Describe your ideal husband/wife.
    He must be caring, loving, romantic, funny, honest, understanding, charismatic, confident, patient... I'm just repeating what other women are wishing for for centuries. Let me just say that I just want someone that is dependable, someone who will love me unconditionally for who I am and someone who will be there for me everytime I need him.

  20. Do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?
    I prefer the normal Malay way; with hand!

  21. Champagne or red wine?
    None. Cannot la!

  22. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
    Preferably days after the wedding. I have to make sure everything is OK while I'm not around so that the honeymoon will be stress-free.

  23. Money or household item?
    Both, thank you very much.

  24. Who will pay for the bills?
    Since we are going to share everything in our lives, we both will pay the bills.

  25. Are you ready for married life?
    Definitely NO.

  26. Will you always be true to your husband/wife?
    Of course I will. But should I caught him cheating, being true will be the least of the problem.

  27. How many kids do you like?
    Maybe four. I want a twin as well!

  28. A new house for a newly wed or an old one?
    A new one will be fantastic for a new beginning.

  29. Will you celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding or diamond wedding?
    Let time decides.

  30. What kind of cuisine would you like for your wedding?
    Authentic Malay cuisine.

  31. Will you record your honeymoon in a CD or DVD?
    Hurm... maybe. That is, if we are not too 'busy', if you got what I mean.

  32. Whose wedding plans would you like to know next?
    Dian and Wani. Both are my age. Lets see what you girls have in mind.
In the meantime, for all those people who will be getting married this month or next month, have a happy married life people! May the love lasts for eternity...


  1. the most important thing is, you married someone you love and he also loves you :)

  2. Ohh No!! ...why me? why me? Wawawawawawa...

  3. umi.. pat sket kawen...akak tak sabar nie!

  4. kak Neeza: that is THE most important thing

    dian: alala.. bila lagi.ngeh3

    kak Reen: ala kak.. tunggu akak dulu ah. hehehe


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