Wednesday, November 26, 2008

freak accident

See that empty space beside the picture of the bird (which was taken by Kakak)?

The empty space was suppose to be filled with this...

How sad is that?

It happened last Sunday. Kak Ngah was the first person who discovered it. The frame was lying on her bed, broken. She called Kakak and Kakak called me. And we stared at the mess in a moment of silent. I was speechless for a second or two. Then I asked Kak Ngah and Kakak "What happened?". Both of them didn't have the answer to that question, of course. We were downstairs when it happened, anyway. My heart actually broke into pieces just like the glasses of the frame upon seeing it. I was the one who put up the pictures of the family. It's precious to all of us.

The question, however, is, how did it happened? Yes, it was raining at that time. Yes, the wind was blowing, but it was not strong enough to push the frame off the shelf. The Ikea frame is heavy, I tell you. It never fell before, even when the wind is strong. Never. If it was the wind, then how come the picture of the bird still sat nicely on the shelf? The picture of the bird is made merely out of a cardboard. How come the gray plastic thing did not even budge from its place? It should fell of the shelf as well because it was standing in front of the frame. And, how come the frame fell off like that? FYI, the picture was taken without moving the frame from its original position when discovered. Could somebody please give me a reasonable answer?

I'm trying my best not to be paranoid by the freak accident. In fact, I'm trying to dismiss the whole incident as just a freak accident. I don't want to put unnecessary things in my head. But then again, a lot has been happening to the family nowadays. Unwanted things. Even recently, something happened to one of my sisters which I dare not elaborate but it scared the hell out of us for a while. She wasn't herself for a few days, if you got what I mean. And I could not help but to feel the chill creeping up my back when thinking about it. Kakak experienced a weird incident once where a book came flying off the shelf and landed squarely on her face as she was sleeping on Kak Ngah's bed with her feet under the shelf. If the book 'accidentaly' fell, shouldn't it fell on her feet instead? The truth, ladies and gentlemen, is out there perhaps.

Maybe I should look up the Physics Law whatever to explain these things? Or maybe I should just dismiss the whole thing and go on like nothing ever happened?


  1. uh... xto pn cite pasal buku..!

    kene... cari.. umah.. sewa cpt! tkt sey umah korg! haha

  2. Ini kes misteri nusantara nie. Waaa... pegi la berubat.. aiyok! Ntah2 ada org hantar ka ummi..mana kita tau.. benda ni mmg tak bleh percaya sgt tp kena percaya gak skit. Ummi pun penah gak ceta kat dian masa kita dok seumah dulu..tak sangka still haunted lagi~! waaaa...

  3. suria: miahaha!suria mana de kena apa2 lg. tunggula bg kna... pengalaman beb! wakakaka

    dian: la ni mcm menjadi2 lak. ish3

    cino: ko ade kenal ke mane2 gosbaster? ke antoo fighter ke

  4. salam,

    bloghop from pak payne's blog...

    ermmm... about d mystery thingy, just email to me ur house address and ur name, or better all d people who's living n d house.

    i'll get my dad to check.. FOC..

    my email -

  5. umi ...

    uhuks! seram ....
    yes, kena screen cepat2 tu...mana tau kan!

    eh, gambar burung tu cantik!!!

    email jer kat kak tee tu....tawaran bagus tu!

  6. huiii...suspen sungguh

  7. kak tee: dh send e-mail thx for the offer

    pakcik pp: bkn gambar burung tu aje yg jd display... ade lg gamba2 dia yg kami buat display

    may: saspensi kan

  8. ummi,
    da terima email nye...


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