Tuesday, January 06, 2009

orang melayu terakhir?

As I was sitting in the train on my way to work this morning, I remember this one course mate of mine back when I was a student. I don't know why, I just suddenly remember that girl with the blue-tinted glasses. I do not remember exactly in which class this incident occurred but I do remember that it was our first semester. Our first week to be exact.

It was, as usual, the introduction time for us. We had to introduce ourselves to the lecturer as well as to the whole class. And this girl, I remember, said something about not liking 'lelaki Melayu' because they are useless and typical, amongst other things I remember she said. My first thought was "What an arrogant b****!". Sorry, I can't help it. Really. It was the most arrogant statement I've ever heard. That coming from a true Malay girl herself! She caused quiet a stir in the class back then. And she sure made an impact/impression!

Being friends with here for quiet some time, I realized that she has high expectation in everything she done. She excelled in her study. She received the Dean's List every freaking semester. She values perfection. And she told one of my friends that she will only make friends with people who will benefit her. That 'arrogant b****' snarl came to my mind once again. And as the year proceeded, I could see her fascination towards un-Malay men clearly. It's like, she worshipped them or something like that. To her, these men are the symbol of perfection, these men are what the Malay men will never be.

I'm not sure if she's a changed person now but that impression of an arrogant person she presented for the first time never really dissipate. How could she dare to utter such an insult I have no idea. Yes. I perceived that to be an insult because the men in my family, extended and all are all Malay. What about her father? Her brothers? They are Malay men. Does the insult applicable to them as well? She should've thought about that first before saying all that things.

For me, human beings in general are not perfect. I am not perfect and neither is she. Men of other races and Malay men have their own strengths and weaknesses. What gives us the right to diss others in favor of the other? Sigh. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm not. What I do know, though is this: Kau tu pun orang Melayu juga! Nak kata mata biru, tak jugak! Nak kata rambut blonde pun jauh panggang dari api!

Next time you wanna say anything arrogant/stupid, think twice. You are such a smart person. It's a pity you are not considerate enough.


  1. hate me wont make u hensem! koh koh

  2. jeng3.. i know who she is. ngeh3... our part 6 full of memory ..hekhek.. tak boleh blah~!!!

  3. haaa... org kate jgn benci2, nnt jd rindu2, kawen2... cube check blk.. msti die dh kawen ngn org melayu pio! ngahaha.. amin~~

    p/s : lelaki melayu skrg pn, dh x mcm melayu dh, so kemungkinan die ngn lelaki melayu sgt high.. ngeh ngeh

  4. kashfi: =.= ape ko merepek ni

    dian: jeng3... xkanla x knai plak... ur best friend kan. wahahah!

    suria: rasenye she wont get married any time soon. kalau dia dpt cari org yg tahan dgn dia la! *jahatnye!~*

  5. ~lalala~: weh bkn sumer laki melayu cam tu ek! makan pakai tgn lgi tau! hehe!

    Ummi: kalau belacan dgn mentega, manalah sama rasa! melayu easy to porget!

  6. cino: tp dia mkn belacan gak bai. mkn pn pakai tgn gak. cmne tu ek

  7. what an ignorant, stupid, fucking bitch!

    and she was your friend?

  8. wani: WAS being the operative word

  9. urmmm...agak tertanya2 la jugak sape kah org yg dimaksudkn....ummi bagi la lagi byk klu sket;)....huhuhu..dian sape ek??

  10. sheila: adik angkat u ni... xkan x kenal kot. yg slalu dtg tdo kat umah sewa kita tu... *wink!*

  11. hi hi.. passing by your blogs while browsing the net i get into this topic.. i think that girl came from a bad family? i mean must be one of the family members show a bad example which she herself don't like it so much till she think that all Malay guys are the same.

    Hey even me honestly i detest malay guys ever since i met my previous husband cause his a kind of barbarian . oh no i'm not from Malaysia btw im from Singapore and now i'm happily married with a caucasian guy cause from there i can assured that Malay guy and a Caucasian guy is thus far different. Thou when im in a school bench never i think about having another ethnic group of guy. Cause like what i know Kalau dah melayu tu buat cara melayu je lah... tapi kalau dah jodoh no one knows... =)

    But i never ever criticize them till i get to find out what kind of guy i mean is such a BARBARIAN then i will label them.

  12. Dlina: you've got a point there. malay guys are not all bad really and i believe she has every right to say what she wants. but it irked me somehow the way she expressed her dislikes. she's a really smart person but when she behaved so superiorly, the appeal is lost.

    thanks for dropping by!

  13. malay guys are not all bad really and i believe she has every right to say what she wants. but it irked me somehow the way she expressed her dislikes.

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