Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: wrapping it all up

How time just flies, no?

2008 has finally come to an end. And what a year it has been. As for me, I'll remember 2008 in more ways than other. It has been one heck of a year that swiftly passed me by, but not without making an impact or two. I made friends and lose some. Not that I have any regrets, though. I found new love which makes life a bit more wonderful to live. I made mistakes that I know will come to haunt me in the future. I scored some points that I am sure will make me smile every now and then.

We grow older wiser as the year goes by. We grow mature. We open up our mind a little bit more. We live and learn. Some lessons in life, they come in a hard way but hey, we survived another year. Lots of happenings here and there along 2008. The political world provided us with more than we can bear, that to a point, is downright frustrating and disgusting. Wonder what await us in 2009. The so-called-berapa-kali-mau-postpone-daa takeover maybe? Oh. Someone is finally stepping down, isn't it? We wait for that day to come everyday.

And in the midst of the festive season and as the new year approaches, some people decided to go on a killing spree. Animal is not the word for these people as they are the worst evil of all evils. Forget not the souls and the lives of our brothers and sisters, who are living in terror every single second, fearing for the safety of their families. May Allah be with them. Don't forget to count our blessings, my dear friends.

To all my friends...

To all my readers, silent or not...

To all Malaysian...

To all the people of the world...


May the year ahead be filled with happiness and joy
May the year ahead brings more success and fortune
May the year ahead be better than the last
May the year ahead teaches us more than anything
May the year ahead gives us more and more precious memories

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  1. hepi nu yr~~!!! wheee~~~

    2008 was the worst year for me.. hopefully 2009 will be better!


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