Thursday, January 15, 2009

really, really, really delicia!

Bread never really tasted this good!

The discovery of this bread was made at Erni @ Cepotet's blog, first here and then she put up the pictures here. I was really really tempted to try out the Butterscotch one first because I didn't really know what it will taste like compared to the Choco Raisin. But, boy, was it hard to find the Butterscotch! I found Choco Raisin easily but never caught the sight of the Butterscotch. I did once but I wasn't quick enough to grab it as one lady quickly grab the very last loaf. Dhang!

So then I went ahead and bought the Choco Raisin anyway just to see if it's really as good as Erni said. My first bite was like "Whoa!". The bread tasted chocolatey and really, really, really good! It was love at first bite. Normally, I would pick out the raisin bits 'cos I don't really like black raisins but the bread is sooo delicious, I eat it altogether with the raisins. I brought it back home for my sisters and it was devoured in a matter of minutes. I told ya it's good. It's delicia delicious!

Gardenia Delicia Choco Raisin

And today, as I was walking to the office, my eyes quickly caught the very last loaf of Butterscotch at the grocery store near to the office. Finally! After weeks of searching (until my sisters were bored to hear me say 'Butterscotch' like a mantra), I found it. My heart sang in joy, all because a loaf of bread. Quickly, I grabbed the bread and pay RM 4.00 for it. Yes! The bread is in my hand now! As I arrived in the office, I took out a slice and sank my teeth into it. Ooohhh! Never mind that it is RM 4.00 per loaf. It is worth every single bite.

Gardenia Delicia Butterscotch

I wonder if I can ever eat normal bread again. Hurm...

Oh. I don't think Mama will nag me for eating white bread now, no? Because, technically, the bread is chocolate and err... yellow? Tee-hee!

P/S: Erni, thanks for introducing the bread!


  1. taraaaaaaa.. hikhik.

    memang sedap kan? it's so delicious i tell u.

    i pun cam u jugak. gegila nak cari Butterscotch tu. and finally, my sister yang dapatkan untuk i. maybe sebab i pun cam u kot masa tu. dok sebut je Butterscotch sepanjang masa. thehehehe.

    u pun kalau tahu ada makanan sedap, share tau. hiks. ;)

  2. slurpp..
    mane nk dpt tu?
    cam best je!

  3. sori ummi, i'm out of credit. tell your sisters to take good care of themselves ok?

    can you believe sharina is jealous of my little outing with mimah? she can be impossible sometimes!

  4. cepotet: butterscotch tu, x smpi 10 minit habes 1 buku. believe it or not...

    cino: tgk kat 7-e slalu ade

    wani: sharina? impossible sometimes. think again :P

  5. i'm butterscotch addicted! 9 minit 13 saat abes sebuku, saper soh introduce!

  6. cino: wahahaha. welcome to the club!


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