Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a story in the making...

It has indeed been a while since I got my creative *ehem* juices flowing. Work and other stuff has kept me away from doing the things I used to love. One of them is creative writing. I love writing. It comes hand in hand with my passion for reading. I used to write short stories back when I was in high school. I wrote poems during my university years, which I once submitted for a competition during English Language Week and won the second place eventually. I remember the poem I submitted was about child of war. Sadly, when my laptop crashed, the poem disappeared, along with other stuff.

I've written two novels during high school, which was never published. Both the novels are what I call 'Novel syok sendiri'. My sisters love the novels, though. They read it over and over again, even after so many years. Some of my friends read it as well and I've got mixed reaction. It was positive reaction but I'm still not convinced, until today. There are so many talented writers out there today that I believe I could not measure up to. That is why, until now, I do not take writing seriously. It has become a hobby.

There are a few poems I've written in a special book (lesson learned) and some I wrote in my diary (yes, diary). The poems are, more or less, where I poured all my feelings/emotions into. I'm not really a verbal person so I bare everything in the form of writings, be it in the form of blogging, instant messaging or SMS-ing. I express myself better with writings rather than through my mouth. I think that most people who knew me well understand how I operate.

However, the chance has open up for me to get my creative *ehem* juices flowing again. A Story in The Making is a blog created by Uncle Ariffin to encourage people to participate in creative writing. Uncle Ariffin started off the story with a kidnapping of a child and from that on, various people, including yours truly has been adding their ideas to the story. Head on over to A Story in The Making to read the story. Who knows, maybe you can do your part as well? Make it more exciting and thrilling to read. It's in Malay so I doubt it will be too difficult to come up with anything.

Thus here, I quote Uncle Ariffin - Ilham anda, cerita kita!

Write away, my friends!


  1. waaa....berbakat rupanya :)

  2. may: nak kate bakat tu idakla... tp hobi saje2. hehehe

  3. write a story here la! hehe... wah~~ story writing neh mmg spread kh? im writing my sims story... this wik! woot!

    p/s: smlm smpi rumah nmpk delicia atas meja mkn.. aha.. sat g nk mkn rasa tgk.. haha

  4. suria: maybe i would! i'm waiting for your sims story anyway.

    p/s: sedap dak?

  5. salam kenal.. salam ziarah.. nice blog!! ade mase, dtgla siarah teratak saya pulak yer..

  6. ungu violet: salam kenal. thanx for dropping by ^^


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