Thursday, February 26, 2009

it's raining...

And so the rain falls
Tapping furiously against the windows
And here I am...
Trying to make sense out of nonsense...

When small things slipped through our fingers
We might not miss it
But small things could lead to the biggest things
And I...
I watched silently as our faiths crumbled
I deftly brushed the pain away
as the numbness seeped in
and the raging rain washed the hurt I felt so deep inside

I wanted to wallow and cry
I wanted to beg and apologize
and most of all...
I wanted to right all the things I've done wrong

Would it be better if we're on our own?
Would it be better if I am left alone with my misunderstandings and misgivings?
I thought it would... I honestly thought it would
Because then...
you will be spared from the hurt, from the emotional mess
and from the confusions
and from all the bad things I inflicted upon you

The day is cold...
not as cold as how I'm feeling inside
not as cold as the empty space left behind...

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