Saturday, February 21, 2009

anonymous who???

Being a blogger, occasionally we'll come across comments with Anonymous as the display name, especially when the post then tend to be sensitive/provocative. I, for one, am annoyed with this so called 'Anonymous'. I never really come out with this annoyance but after some times, it's getting a bit unnerving. This so called Anonymous rarely appeared in my blog (thank God for that!) but as I hop from blog to blog, I could not help but cringe in distaste as I went through the comments.

These Anonymous, they share classic symptoms:
  • They disagree with what the blogger posted on his/her blog. But they are not brave enough to reveal themselves to the blogger and the public. They fear the backlash they'd received. Or they are not used to be objected to. Perhaps they could not even see beyond reason as well.
  • They tend to use religion to retaliate. Lets just say I posted something along the "I Love Jew" line. For sure my comment box will be flooded with anonymous comments condemning me to eternal punishment in hell. They'll use crude words mindlessly, without even putting asterisks whatsoever. I will be ask to repent and apologize. By an anonymous. Never mind that I state my reasons and logic.
There should be other symptoms as well which most blogger could identify with. Now I'm not saying that ALL comments which fall under the anonymous category are bad. My point is this: Most blogger who raise sensitive/provocative issue(s), they are not anonymous. More often than not, we know who the blogger is. If Ummi is brave enough to come out with a sensitive issue, then Ummi expect the commentators, good or bad comments, to at least be brave enough to put their names to the comments. I'm not going to force ISA upon you, you know. I don't have the power to do so.

You, me and all of us, we all have our own opinion on matters. Blog is personal. What I write here reflects my own thinking, my own opinion regarding matters. If you have no agreement with me, then fine. That is your right. You can't force me to see things your way. State your disagreement and point. I may or may not disagree with you. This is, after all, a free country.


  1. i have one anonymous commenter asking about the size of my chest.

  2. hehhe hehhe...



  3. Points agreed! like you said, if we're dare enough to write on sensitive issue, we would bare the consequences of getting 'different kind' of comments
    being an anonymous is actually being a coward. Yes, a coward!

  4. wani: yeah, i read that one. sicko

    may: don't we all

    kak neeza: you are absolutely right. coward is the most apt word to describe these anonymous


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