Wednesday, March 25, 2009

age is just a number...

... and my number is 24. Yep. I recently turned 24 (on 22nd March to be exact) and I don't feel so old. Well... not yet, anyway. Frankly, I don't mind, really whether I turned 24 or 25 or 26. Age is never a big deal to me. Age, to me, is just a number. You can't tell a person from his or her age, can you? Besides, with all the cosmetics, chemicals and technology we have nowadays, you can't even tell that Sharon Stone is 51.

While I don't feel a day older than 18, certain things in life sure do remind you of your age. A childhood friend of mine get married few weeks ago. At the wedding, I met some of my former schoolmates. Some I couldn't even recall their names. Some looked like different person altogether while some others never change one bit. But mostly, it struck me that most of them are either married, engaged or soon-to-be engaged or engaged-to-be-married. Yikes!

I, for one, have nothing against marriage. But when you are surrounded by wife-to-bes, you'll feel kinda choked. And then... there's the million dollar question "Kau bila nak kahwin?" (When are you getting married?) Bah! Talk about cliche! I expected the question to be thrown to my face but still, to actually hear it directly is a different story.

This is not the 50's or 60's where you got married at 15. I don't care if I'm still umarried by the age of 30. Marriage to me is one huge responsibility. And I am definitely not ready for it. I can't even take care of myself properly, yet. And I love the independent and freedom too damn much. I am too much of a rebel to be contained. When the time comes, I'll settle down peacefully and happily. As for now, belum sampai seru lagi. I have so many things to do, to achieve. And getting married is not a priority. Not today.

Whether I'm 24 or 25 or 26, I don't give much thought to it. I don't believe in horoscopes either. I was born under Aries, by the way. But I don't give a hoot about it. I live my life according to my rules. Why let the stars control my personality and my luck? A friend of mine believes this horoscopes crap. She believes it so much her day just won't be complete without reading her horoscope. And her boyfriend's. Pity really, to let the crap in the newspaper to dictate how you should go on with your life.

I'm 24. And I'm rambling.


  1. happy birthday again. sorry i can't call or text you like usual.

    i went to 2 kenduri kahwin this month alone (my cousin and a friend). only God knows how many times i had to answer that particular question. well, to make long story short, you know how rude i can be when i'm irritated. :D

  2. s'okay wani.

    well... one time i replied this "Eh. Ko xtau ke? Aku ade 3 org anak dah!!!" and I had the time of my life seeing their jaw dropped to the floor

  3. Anonymous5:23:00 PM

    hye ..

    happy belated birthday to u my dear frenz ..
    sebelah2 je kita nyer birthdate ..ehehhe .. but diz year i m 27.. uhukk .. da tua akak nehh ^_^
    anyway juz nk wish u happy alwiz n thanx for being 1 of my fren walaupun
    cara berkenalan yang sgt tidak sesuai .. ehehehe .. :p

  4. akak: age is just a number... w'pun 27! hehehe


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