Friday, March 27, 2009

got my hands on LUKA!

I'm a Malay novel skeptic. Honest. I've read enough Malay novels to know just how many of them are completely rubbish. Seriously. A good, if not decent, Malay novel is a rarity nowadays. Most recently, I read one Malay novel purely out of boredom. I almost burn that piece of junk to ashes. Almost. Because it wasn't mine. I can't even recall the title of that novel, but I do remember that the author used such grand alias. Nama berkobar-kobar, cerita sampah! Ehem. Excuse my French.

Now, now. Not all are complete rubbish, anyway. I've read 'Tombiruo' by Ramlee Awang Murshid. It was a great book, really drew me into another world. There are few novels that I like, which did not compel me to burn it. Authors like Norhayati Berahim, Zuraidah Othman, Ramlee Awang Murshid and Lily Haslina Nasir rarely disappoint. I used to read novels by Ahadiat Akashah as well, but I think he could be over-the-top sometimes (imho). I stopped reading Ahadiat Akashah when I turned 18.

Today, I got myself a brand new Malay novel after like... 10 years? The title is 'Luka'. The author is Tris Zainol Abidin. This is Mr. Tris' first book. I got to know about 'Luka' from a friend. And quiet honestly, I am excited to see what Mr. Tris has got to offer in 'Luka'. So excited I am that I went to purchase the book directly from the publisher (their office is like 5 minutes away from my own office *wink!*). And whaddya know, this novel has a soundtrack of its own! RM 25.00 for the book and the CD which features 'Luka' and 'Losing Me', both sung by songbird Dayang Norfaizah.

'Luka': The novel & the CD. Simple black cover. Classy.

I'm sure I will spend my night with this novel. And you can expect the review soon enough.

More on LUKA.


  1. chantek la design dia punya cover...i suke tgk ;)...

    **pstt..mahu pinjam bule??huhuhu

  2. sheila: i tau... u suke loket tu kan. hehehe

    p/s: meh kepong i bg pinjam. nyeh2

  3. kepong??alahai...."DEKAT"nye.....u amri la berjln2 ke s.alm...

    **nggeehhhh...mana u tau i suke itu loket??tapi i mmg suke tgk cover dia..chantek ;)

  4. sheila: nanti kalau ade mase, insya allah...


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