Wednesday, April 22, 2009

dumb, dumber and dumbest

Dinner was good. It was his treat, of course it's good. I was sipping my watermelon-lychee drink as he enjoyed his post-dinner ritual: smoking. A sudden burst of gedik girly giggles caused a few heads to turn, including his and mine. He whistled delightfully. I smirked. The gedik girly giggles apparently came from a group of four girls, I assumed to be around 18 - 19 of age. They were wearing tight-fitting baby tees and skinny jeans. And lots of makeup.
Me: You like that huh?
Him: What's not to like?
Me: Men... (shook head)
He grinned, not feeling the need to defend himself and the entire male species.
Him: It's our nature, you know, to appreciate beautiful things
Me: Oh please. It's your nature to appreciate anything with boobies
Him: That too
Me: Does it even occur to you boobies do not equal to brains?
Him: Yeah. But hey, like we care much! Just as long you have boobies
Me: Men... (shook head again)
It was a rerun. Every time we meet up, the same conversation will cropped up. Him with his I-am-a-red-blooded-male attitude and me, with my you-men-are-such-simple-minded-creature attitude.
Him: You know, we men only have 3 parts of our brain while you women have like thousands parts
Me: Oh really? Do tell me what are those 3 parts
Him: Sex, money and ourselves
I looked at him. He smiled smugly as he lit another Dunhill with his dark green Cricket lighter. I was thinking of a great comeback to wipe his smugness clean.
Me: I think I've heard that before. Do you know that they have scientific names for those 3 segments of your brain?
Him: (thought a while) They do?
Me: Yep
Him: What are they called?
Me: Dumb, dumber and dumbest!
Him: (*&$@&^#@&^_(!@

I made a freaking great comeback.


  1. yeahh..sometimes men and boobies cannot be separate....i wonder why....
    when i walked wif my male fren evethough beside them dah ada pompuan..but still they will look at others gurls boobs...urmm...*weird*wondering*rooling eyes*

  2. sheila: otak diorg dh program nye gitu. they do the cataloging process and filed it away in their brain to compare or gossip with their species. i think la...


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