Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There are things that, when we were young, innocent and carefree, could scare us mindless. There are ghost stories/movies that linger and stay in our minds for some time. And then there are images of fear that we carried right through our adulthood.

Remember The Exorcist? Well, I don't actually. Every single time I try to watch it, I fell asleep halfway. Every single time. I tried hard to keep my eyes open and alert but somehow, it always put me to sleep.


And then you have the evil doll Chucky from Child's Play. I do not have one single doll in my collection because of Chucky. I hate dolls until now. If my sister left one of her dolls/teddy bears in my room, I will quickly dispose it to other room.

I just hate dolls


There will be no other movie that could scare the living daylight out of me more than IT. The made-for-TV movie was inspired by Stephen King's novel of the same title. Stephen King and horror story... damn, he's good! Until today I am creeped out when I see clowns. I just hate clowns. I can't even stand the sight of them. As soon as I see clowns, I feel the urge to run away as fast I could. That is how much It affected me. Pennywise, the clown, is the image of my fear, from my childhood through adolescence and adulthood.

After watching It, I couldn't be left alone even for a while. I imagined Pennywise everywhere I went. In the shower, in the bedroom, in the kitchen. I even imagined that his hand would shot out under the bed and pull me inside. Brrrr. As I grow up, and as I get acquainted with YouTube, I tried to watch It via YouTube. And... I failed to do so as the face of the clown alone gave me the goosebumps.

*gulp gulp gulp* *shiver*

Not only me, but my sisters hate clowns as well. All thanks to It. Oh man. That picture makes me feel cold all over!

So, do you have any character that you simply fear during your childhood?

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  1. whoahhh...wawawa..dian tak suka ceta2 horror.. takot~! wuwuwu

  2. Dian: I likeee~ menakutkan diri sendiri ni best gak. hahahah

  3. the last horror movie i watched was Rec, a spanish film. it was pretty scary.

    i think the most horrifying characters i've ever watched is Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs and Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. berdebar setiap kali scene diorang.

  4. wani: the last horror movie I watched is............ Alone, a Thai movie. You know la how Thai people with their horror movie... scary.

    I think I'm mostly spooked by this one character in the X-Files. We (my sis and I) call him 'Mata Hijau'. He was the one who can masuk ikut lubang kunci and any lubang.

  5. IT!!!!!!!....yes mmg la nie cite seram yg mmg wat i takot sepanjang zaman..hahahah..tah hape2...dtg la 6 juta cite seram dari masa hadapan pon tapi cite IT nie mmg yg plg i takot time dulu2..terbawak2 smpi skrg..ingt lagi time tu sekolah rendah dlm darjah 5 kot...bongok btol cite nie..bikin gua seram...

    ummi...ingt trademark bila badut ngok ngek nie nk kuar??--> *beep*beep*.... aiisshhhh...fobia den...

  6. sheila: seram kan cite ni kan. smpi dh belia ni pn still teringat2. impak maksima betul. huhu

  7. haha. omg, i thought i was the only one who developed a new found phobia over clowns after watching IT.

    i used to be a clown for a year when i was in Std 5-6, all because me & a few friends performed as pseudo acrobatic clowns in front of the Agong during the Merdeka celebration. i still have pictures of me as a clown. and after that, IT happened and i got really scared of clowns till this day. it's really inconvenient, this fear. susah nak pergi kids' birthday parties.

    sorry, bumped onto ur blog and got drawn by that stupid clown face and just had to say something.

  8. lisha: now everyone is coming out of the closet, admitting of their phobia of clowns after watching It. should it be screened now at the cinemas, clowns tak dapat cari mkn la alamatnye.

    thank you for dropping by!


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