Friday, May 08, 2009

here, in my home

Reading the newspapers nowadays gives me headache the size of Pahang really. And it makes me wonder just how many monsters are roaming freely out there, ready to pounce on just about anyone?

You people out there be careful all right? Keep your eyes open and your senses alert. And the same goes to me as well. Sometimes I can get so lost in my own world that I never really took notice of anything around me. This will serve as a reminder to me, and hopefully to you people.

*Given the chance to come face to face with the the snatch thieves, I will kick their groin really hard until they beg for their lives. What will you do?*

Until then, stay safe!

1 comment:

  1. Things dat u need in ur handbag or purse:
    1.Pepperspray + Alarm Kit.
    2.Pisau Lipat 10sen. (hehehe but very lethal)

    Outside ur handbag:
    2.Body Odor


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