Thursday, May 21, 2009

move along

Let us all move along, shall we. Even I am tired of my tirade and the misery I'm causing to myself. Lets move on to other things. Things like American Idol, for instance.

Why oh why did Kris won instead of Adam? I seriously thought that Adam will take the title and make it big in the music scene. Oh well. No such luck. I read a comment in facebook where this one lady said that Kris won because Danny Gokey's fans voted for him because Kris is close to Gokey. So lame. Even Gokey is lame! Oh well. At least we know that Adam will embark on an illustrious career compared to the Akademi Fantasia's top 5.

I seldom use my myspace account nowadays but recently when I had the time to log in, wha... myspace is fast becoming facebook! LOL. facebook is so in nowadays, huh? Even myspace is trying to copy facebook's style now. But I tell you what, I honestly think myspace is for the pre-adoloscence. And the things that the kids wrote on their status bar are freaking hilarious! Here's one example...

aku tanak dy cmtu..aku syg dy cgt2..aku mawa dy tdy cbb dy wt hl ngn aku..n aku mawa dy cbb syg an dy tu..

Can you read that one and not puke? I can't. It's not even cute! It's bloody annoying!

Aku tak nak dia macam tu. Aku sayang dia sangat-sangat. Aku marah dia tadi sebab dia buat hal dengan aku. Dan aku marah dia sebab sayangkan dia tu..

I am well-trained in those gibberish, believe me. And to think some people is protesting against teaching Science and Maths in English. Can you please go out and get your kids' Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia right first? It's pathetic, if I may say so.

Aku x mawa taw... aku sajew jew suke2!



  1. thanks for that translation or i would've cracked my head trying to decipher that language. i think even arwah Leonardo da Vinci couldn't make out what these kids are trying to say. that is, if he still lived to this day.

    on the other hand, i just knew that "v" refers to "we".

  2. i've checked the blog, and you have reasons to be suspicious. from what i can gather, there is a major plagiarism going on there.

    why? because in his first few entries, there were some major grammar mistakes, but he wrote his latest entries with an almost perfect grammar, walaupun kat benda yg sama. but, that's just my opinion. he might be legit though.

    betul ke dia duduk italy?

  3. wtf. duduk italy???

    don't make me laugh my ass off. if i tell u about him, u won't even mention the 'legit' word.


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