Wednesday, June 17, 2009

fallen into TRAP

It's Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP), not that trap. Hehehe. Last weekend, Pak Tam (bless him) took the whole bunch of us to Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP) Sungai Klah in Perak. We stayed at the 3-bedroom villa at the Felda Residence Hot Springs. The villa was amazing. It was big enough to fit all 14 of us and the best part was the natural hot spring jacuzzi tub! It is the perfect place for timeout with the family.

Each room in the villa have their own bathroom attached. The master bedroom is big and the bathroom comes with a bathtub. Really nice. All in all, the villa got two thumbs-up from all of us. We were deliriously happy with the accommodation. Go here for more information.

The first day there were spent lazing around the jacuzzi and the villa. The boys, only 4 of them , went to the mountain spring pool first. But then is started to rain and boys came back to the villa and jumped into the jacuzzi. When the rain started to pour heavily, they ran inside the villa, demanding food. And then they went to sleep in one of the air-conditioned bedrooms. Typical. Thankfully, the rain started to subside around 5 o'clock. And to the jacuzzi we went. The water was warm and inviting. Heaven!

The second day we went to explore the park, from the natural sauna to the egg-boiling spot. The adults went for the ayurveda treatment provided at the park. All within the walking distant from the villa. After all of that, we jumped in to the jacuzzi again, for the last time. We were very reluctant to leave, to tell the truth. We had a really great time there.

The residence is not completely ready yet but still, it's a nice place. It just opened on 30th May 2009 so everything is practically new. The villa is fully furnished as well. If you're looking for the perfect place to take your family for a holiday, this is it.


  1. ingatkan trap apa tadi :D

  2. may: masuk trap ka? hihihi

  3. mcm lawa je villa tu..brape rm pernight??mcm menarik,tertarik lak ;)

    **kalo bole rply kt my blog ke boleh?


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