Monday, June 22, 2009

hello, mr. green-eyed monster

Well, well, well. Just look who's making an appearance for these few days.

Hello, Mr. Green-Eyed Monster. How do you do? Do you notice that I'm not smiling at all? And I'm not even trying to look pleased. I don't like you, Mr. Green-Eyed Monster. Can you please go back to wherever you come from? You appearing in my life is not what I'm expecting for. It makes life a little too complicated, you know?

You see, Mr. Green-Eyed Monster, I'm a reasonable person. Well, at least I try to be at times. But when you're around, I can't think straight and I can't do anything right. That's a very bad thing, right? So please, Mr. Green-Eyed Monster, be gone. Please allow me to live my life in peace. If I'm an actress from one of the Mexico telenovelas, I would be saying this: Dejame en paz! But that's taking the drama queen thingy a bit too seriously, don't you think so?

Your frequent appearance, Mr. Green-Eyed Monster, is putting a stress on my relationship. And I feel like a bad person for wanting to break other people's dainty little finger one by one. You make me feel like I want to go up to that person and pull all her hair out and slap that person's face so hard, she will forget her own name. See? It's that bad, Mr. Green-Eyed Monster. You should really go. Like, right now, at this very second.

Maybe you being here is justified. I feel like a human being again. I realize just how much I can love. But still, it's a bad thing. You make me want to do all sort of unreasonable things. Things that I will surely regret later on. Let me be sane for a while. Please go. Please leave me alone. Let me work things on my own. Don't make things got worse. Don't make me be a violent person. I don't want to lose myself, nor do I want to lose the person I love.

Please, Mr. Green-Eyed Monster, take a hike!

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