Sunday, July 19, 2009

brand new look

Okay. So finally after so much deliberation and *ehem* procrastination, I managed to give my blog a brand new look. I thought the new template is kinda nice and fresh compared to the previous dark template. My only complain is that the sidebar is a bit narrow. Any idea how to expand it without jeopardizing the whole look? I totally sucked at the codings and HTML stuff. If any of you know how to expand the sidebar, you gonna have to explain it step by step.

So, what do you think? Drop me a line or two regarding this new look. I'm still trying to work some things out, though. But in the meanwhile, I think I'll stick with this template.


  1. Wow, this is great!!

    Not sure if you can extend the sidebar tho... for some templates, I think they don't build in that flexibility... this might be one of them... let me look at the code and get back to you... I've messed around with the codes for my blog, so maybe I can at least set you in the right direction... tunguuuu! :D

  2. Hi, me again...

    Take a look at this graphic, this one, and one more... You would probably need to manipulate these images (i.e. "extend" the white area) in order to expand your sidebar.

    Alternately, you could reduce or get rid of the padding provided in the sidebar. currently it looks like your left padding is 26px and your right padding is 50px... try halving both and see how that looks. Of course, don't do anything until you save a copy of your template as it stands... then hit preview... if it's bad, just hit clear edits!! :D :D

    Good luck!!!

  3. dian: ^^

    lynne: thank you so much! i'm going to see if i can reduce the padding. if not, i think i'll just let the template stand just the way it is. thanks again!

  4. i love this layout..

  5. Kak Reen: thanks! and gud luck with your upcoming domain!


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