Thursday, July 02, 2009

my sweet 16

Dear my 16-year old self...

Ahhh... where should I even begin? 16. Wow. Teenager. Bad skin. Awkward phase. School. Just... wow. 16. Honeymoon year, eh? Well, forget it. PMR wasn't that bad. SPM is a whole different story, you know? And yes, you're still stuck at that school. Yeah, I know how much you hate the school. But hey, some fond memories will be created. And to be in 4 Tanjung Rambutan with all those girls and boys, it's really something. And to be one of the only four Malays in the class? Well, we got some serious attention going on there.

You must be wondering now how come you chose to take Accounting, no? Yeah, well, it bothers me until this very day. You and I, we're never good at numbers. Numbers give us the cold feet. Yeah, I can understand the frustration upon seeing the single digit result on the Add Maths paper. But you will go on, just like everybody else in the class. Marks affect you only for a minute or so then you will stuff the paper in your bag and continue with the usual chatter with your best friends at that time.

You sit beside Sharina, the girl who speaks Mandarin really well while fumbling a bit with her Bahasa. She's a good friend. Enthusiastic at times but can be moody sometimes, which will drive you off the wall. But then again, that's what it's all about being a teenager. Mood swings, the world-against-me conspiracy etc. Then you have the sweet-tempered, kind-hearted Azlina or Ina as she is fondly known. She's a smart lady. You will be copying her Accounting homework a lot once you enter Form 5. Then there's Anuar, the lone ranger. The only Malay guy in the class. He's nice, until something happened a year later, which until now I still haven't figure out what had happened.

You gonna have some fun at school. Even if you hate to wake up early in the morning. You're still in the school's debate team. The teachers are expecting more of your so-called public speaking skill and you manage to surprise them and the opposing team. 16-year old and life is all about school and studies. You don't even go out, except with Mama. You really shoud go out and enjoy yourself sometimes. Then you won't feel so old. But then you're doing the thing you love the most. You're writing a novel! Thank God for that because 8 years later, you won't have the time to do so, girl.

At 16, you're not the coolest girl around but you don't care much. You have your friends who until now is still with you, especially that Wani girl. You're most comfortable with Wani and somehow you just clicked since you met her 2 years earlier. And Wani will be there for you one day when tragedy hits the family. Yes, my dear. Tragedy will hit you unknowingly in 6 years to come. You will break. You will shatter. But you will pick yourself up no matter what. Wish I could tell you now to cherish your every second with him. Wish I could go back to 16 and be with him and maybe, try to turn things around.

My dear 16-year old self...

Who you are is what makes me today. And for that, I thank you. You will learn so many things as you go through your life. At 16, people won't joke much about you receiving duit raya, you know. And at 16, you're still free from the Internet's influence. You should really stay away from the Internet. It's highly addictive. Oh well. It's too little too late now anyway. Anyway, 16 rocks! Just enjoy it while you still can. Ciao!

Lots of love,

Your 24-year old self

Credits to: Miss Soraya. You make me reminisce of my old times which I almost forgot.

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  1. hey ummi, thanks for mentioning my name. i just did what a friend would do anyway!

    i'm here for you, anytime.


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