Monday, June 29, 2009

even the rain won't stop me

I missed almost all the movies in my must-see list. But not Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. No-uh, I refuse to skip the movie no matter what. Even when the rain poured like no tomorrow. Even when the only seats available were the one at the very front (the A section, people!). I don't care. I. Wanted. To. Watch. Transformers.

It didn't matter that we were drenched once we reached the cinema. It didn't matter that the cold is biting our bone. What matter was that we were able to watch Bumblebee and Co. strut their stuff. Yeah! The robots really rock the movie. The same can't be said about the humans, though. Here's what I like and dislike about the movie:

  • The trailer from Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs at the beginning. It was so damn funny! *Ok, that's not Transformers at all. I just need to mention it.
  • The Autobots vs. Decepticons in Shanghai.
  • Bumblebee's excitement to follow Sam and the breakdown and tears once he learned that Sam won't be taking him along. He's so cute!
  • Sam's mother on a 'high'. Glad she's not my mother!
  • That little Decepticon robot who then changed side. "You can call me Wheelie!"
  • Jetfire. That old geezer practically saves the day!
  • Megatron's rise from the dead.
  • Optimus Prime's rise from the dead.
    *Wait. Why is it that Megatron does not need the Matrix while Optimus needs it to come back to life? Anyone?
  • The fighting and action scenes.
  • Megan Fox.
  • Megan Fox.
  • Megan Fox.
  • Megan Fox.
  • Megan Fox.
    *Look, I know she's super hot and all but her being in the movie is so freaking meaningless!
  • That guy who played Leo.
  • That guy who played Robowarrior/Agent Whatshisname-from-Sector 7.
  • The who-say-I-love-you-first scenes. Gag-fest!
Did I forget to mention about spoilers? Oh well. I bet most of you have already watched the movie. Would I watch again? Yes, I would.

My rating: 3 1/2 out ouf 5 stars


  1. the decepticons put the all spark to revive megatron. he's a machine anyways. so u power up wif all spark, die sudey bole idop.

    optimus on the hand, are out of all spark. there is none left for him. so we have, the matrix, which is the key to revive the all spark. again, he's a machine that can be power up wif all spark thingy.

    that's what i think la.. hehe

  2. Suria: Ok, that sounds logical but wiki got me all confused again here. AllSpark is actually The Matrix? Maybe a Transformers fanatic could explain this?

    And why does the AllSpark turns stuff into mean robots?

  3. but shes hot.

    salam untuk kamu.

  4. wolfis black: salam jua utk kamu. yes, Megan Fox sgt la hot. if i'm a lesbian, i would drool over her. but her in the movie... bleah!

  5. tgk 2 kali pada hari yg sama... dan sekali lagik seminggu selepas itu.. muahahahaha

    tepaksa beli tiket hari ahad utk menonton beramai-ramai pada jumaat malam di alamanda..

    damnn!! im not a fanatic but watching movie is my hobby anyway.. well.. it's a nice day to be alive kan? :X :X

    lama tak singgah.. cik umi sihat?

  6. incik aries: wah! hebatla anda ni! boleh tgk movie yg same 2x pada hari yg sama! and then kali ketiga lak. phew! kalaupun x fanatik, tabik spring ah!

    cik ummi ni alhamdulillah, sihat walafiat. incik aries bagaimana?


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