Thursday, July 30, 2009

schu-perman returns?

Please forgive my giddiness and gedikness, my friends, for I have a huge crush on this man. Even until now. When he announced his retirement from Formula 1, I was disappointed. How can I not? He was a great driver. And the color red suits him well, I suppose. I've stopped following F1 so ardently after his retirement. And also because the FIA is getting more and more ridiculous each season.

Yes, I still do follow the sport but not as crazy as I was back when Schumacher was racing. I would stay up late until morning to watch some of the races. I cheered when he won and cried when he lost. I did, folks.I'm a true-blue kipas-susah-mati fan of Michael Schumacher. I even cut his pictures out from the newspapers. I read every little news about him. Never had I a crush this big.

And then, I stumbled upon this. I was like "OMG! OMG! He'll be back! Michael will be back! Hooray!". I was elated, folks. How exciting can F1 get? The great Michael Schumacher will be racing alongside some of the undeniably talented drivers such as Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton and the list just goes on. And no, Rubens Barrichello is not on that list.Yay! This won't be an easy one for Mr. Schumacher, I am sure. And that's where the excitement lies. Finally!

Welcome back, Michael Schumacher. It's a relief to see you coming back to the track, even if with the hidup-segan-mati-tak-mahu Scuderia Ferrari team. Maybe you can revive the team back. And bring back the glory of F1. I'll be watching indeed.

On another note, BMW is pulling the plug after the 2009 season ends. How sad. I guess we won't be seeing the Petronas logo in F1 anymore. Let's hope that they will make a comeback as well. Fingers crossed.


  1. wahhh..marah benor cik umi comey nih..keh2...ganas juga erk cik comey nih..lalalala

  2. amer: :P ni silap entry ni amer komen ni


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