Wednesday, July 29, 2009

pride & prejudice

I've watched the movie for few times now. I've heard Austen's name so many times but never had I the inclination to read any of her works. Until recently. After reading so many action/adventure/thriller books, it is time for me to retreat to a much familiar territory. Romance.

I'm still at the early stage, though. So far, I thought it is a delightful story. And I'm trying not to imagine Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet. Because she's too skinny, for one. As for Mr. Darcy, I can't help but to imagine Hugh Jackman.

Anyways, any of you have read this book? Care to share your opinion?

P/S: Wani, I'm running out of books to read. Need to trade with you soon.


  1. as much as i loved the movie, i couldn't help but think that it would be better if they cast other actors. i would love to see someone fleshier to play Elizabeth ( i can't help but think of Audrey Tautou or Rahel McAdams) and someone more dashing (well, you know who's on my mind).

    yeah, we need to trade books soon. i'm getting tired of reading the same books over and over again.

  2. wani: if i may guess, it will be GERARD BUTLER. correct?

  3. damn! you know me so well :D

  4. wani: i wanted to say Clive Owen but i thought that Gerard Butler have more finesse to play Mr. Darcy


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