Monday, August 17, 2009

monday's throw up fest

I was walking from my house to the Kepong Sentral station this morning when a man on a motorcycle asked for direction to Taman Ehsan. The first thing that struck me about the man was that he seemed familiar. Yep. He was the same man who asked me the direction to Damansara Damai last week. Weird.

The another thought struck me. Wait a minute. I saw him dropping someone off at the station. He must come from around Kepong/Taman Ehsan area, right? Suspicion crept in. I wanted to take a look at his plate number when I saw something else.

He had his 'thing' out and was fondling it!

Oh my God! I was so shocked. And stunned. I was momentarily disoriented. Plate number forgotten, I walked away as fast as I could from the parking lot. He kept calling me. I walked so fast that I almost run. The next thing I know, I was throwing up in the toilet of the train station. I felt so violently sick. I threw up until nothing came out of my mouth except the bile saliva. Still, it didn't feel right.

I wanted to curl up and cry. My shaking fingers were trying to press the number 2 button on my handphone, to call him up but then I remembered he just went to bed. So I took a deep breath. Deep breath. Public toilet. Bad idea. I was throwing up again in no time. And I am now in the office, trying very hard to forget.

That's how I start my Monday. How's yours?


  1. i woke up late and i went to work late. that's how i start my monday.

    regarding the fucker, memang takde otak betul dia tu.

  2. Oh yuck. What a cruddy way to start your day, let alone the work week!

    mine day/week started as any other: fresh hives all over, still no idea what is triggering my allergies :(

  3. wani: i thought that's how you start your everyday. hehehe

    lynne: yikes! i've been reading about your allergies as well. it's not the cat, right?


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