Thursday, August 13, 2009

what a bummer

Just as I am about to jump up and down in excitement to watch the next race in the F1 calendar, Mr. Schumacher decided not to take part after all. Oh man!

What a bummer!

Just as I am about to forgive and forget, someone had to start all the lie-o-rama thing again. Some people, it seems, is addicted to lies. And for the umpteenth time, I've had enough. Oh dear!

What a bummer!

And truth be told, I am not really upset. Just bummed. When you're being hit with the same thing over and over again, it just got old really quick. I'm numbed to the point where I actually think I could not give a damn anymore about any liar or cheater. Life goes on.

I thought I'd be upset by now. I thought I'd cry myself to sleep. That phase passed real quickly it seems. 2 a.m and I'm still clowning around with my buddy. I'm perfectly fine.

What a bummer! To those Ummi-haters.


  1. tertanya jugak bila Ummi nak tulis pasal Schumi tak dapat nak ber-F1 balik. memang teruk sangat injury dia hari tu.

  2. Wani: I'm greatly bummed upon hearing this news. I thought I could drool all over again seeing him in the red suit


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