Monday, October 26, 2009

it ain't broken, ain't it?

Look, I understand that we all need to keep ourselves updated from time to time. We need to evolve, to develop. And what's the reason for that? To make ourselves BETTER. But I guess this one does not applicable to facebook.

It can be so frigging frustrating to use facebook nowadays after their so-called update. Soon after the update was revealed, I had difficulties to sign into my account. I can't read message and I can't approve friend requests. And the most annoying part of it? The 'Live Feed' thingy. Seriously, do I need to know who my friends be friend with? Or which artist/organization they become fan of? Or which event they'll be attending? Do I really need to keep tab of their every single activity on facebook? No, morons! It's cluttering up the feed, you bozos!

The old facebook worked just fine for me. I was happy with it. It was simple. It was easy, breezy and beautiful (okay, too much ANTM there for me). Do we really need to add more clutter and complications to our lives? Come on, be practical. Yes, I know there are tutorials and manuals to manage the new facebook but do you really think that all the facebook-ers will read it? Don't bet your ass they will.

Even if I set my facebook accordingly, but my friends don't, what's the use? I'll still see the messy feed. I'll still see that 'Jane is now friends with Tom, Dick and Harry'. Do you have any idea at all how annoying can that be? It gives me the headache!

facebook was never broken in the first place. Then why oh why in the world should you go and fix it? You're not even fixing it. You're ruining facebook! I truly hate the new facebook. Now, it is broken. Fix it!

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