Friday, November 06, 2009

big bad temptation

You can never have enough books. That is, if you are a bookworm an avid reader, like moi. God knows just how much books are strewn all over my bedroom. I've got a bag full of books from Wani, waiting to be read. And then I saw this...

Boy oh boy oh boy!

More books! At discounted price! It's like having an early Christmas. Wait. My mother MUST not know about this. Matila kena bebel if she finds out. Not that she discourage reading. She'll be crazy to find the space for the books.

How smart to have the sale at the end of the month, though. I'm already seeing the flying (fleeing?) RM signs. I have to check it out, anyway. I just have to. It's a sale. For books. I'm a shopaholic. Of a different kind.

Wani, what say you?

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  1. damn Ummi, i'm tempted tapi takleh janji. my first paper is on the 7th. tapi mungkin boleh kot. BOOOOOKSSSS!!! orgasmic tengok website dia.

  2. tgk list buku dia, takdela lame-ass sgt kan


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