Friday, November 13, 2009

i didn't say it's your fault, i said i was blaming you

I'm trying to keep my head out of some things, so I've taken to hopping from one news to another. And some of it are just so interesting. Like this one:

Read more about it here.

I'd say she's a smart woman. Atta girl! Not every women have the same courage to expose their own husbands' wrongdoings but this woman just make the world a bit more safer to the children and teenagers. But yet, one person doesn't seem to agree...

I think that he/she is brain-dead. What if his/her daughter is the victim to the husband? Would he/she be willing enough to "approach and discuss the issue"? I don't think so. No wonder the comment got her 633 red arrows. What a moronic comment. Seriously.

Moving on, I then saw this picture...

More pictures and story here.

Can someone please tell me what in the world is Kristen Stewart wearing? She looks... words fail me, ladies and gentlemen. I am simply horrified with her outfit.

And Robert Pattinson looks like a drunk-and-10-days-without-showering version of Wolverine. As Edward Cullen he is stunning, but as himself? Bleargh. Get a shave, Rob. That scruffy I'm-a-bad-boy look does not work on you.

Yeah, it's meaningless but then again I don't feel up to anything at the moment. I just want to rant. And I think Nicole's going to be the winner of the Cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model.

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