Tuesday, December 08, 2009

we ain't strangers anymore

Okay, Wani, here's the picture you've been waiting for...

My stash from the Big Bad Wolf books sale.

One book is missing, though. A Lisa Kleypas, because my aunt is reading it. All those books are RM 8.00 each except Chicken Soup for The Soul which costs me RM 10.00. Still a damn good bargain, eh? I'll let you do the maths for the amount I spent on those books.

I went there on the second day of the sale and it was packed with people. Maneuvering around the tables to grab all those titles took some skill, and effort. I could not find any Stephanie Laurens at first but a Malay lady overheard me complaining to my aunt and suddenly, she put the Stephanie Laurens' book on my increasingly towering books.

"You cari Stephanie Laurens, right?" she smiled. I could not thank her enough. Even a couple of girls were asking me where did I find that Laurens' book. I was lucky. Phew.

And each book costs RM 8.00. Freaking RM 8.00, can you believe that? I wanted to whoop in joy when I saw that the books are new (not secondhand) with that given price. No better deal than that, for sure. One Stephanie Laurens could easily set me back around RM 30.00 from Kinokuniya or Borders but at the sale, I could get at least 4 books for RM 30.00. Damn fabulous.

And I dropped in to BookXcess to pick up my prize...

My prize.

Super happy? You bet.


  1. Okay, I commented on your fb just now. And I think the best books there is (besides the obvious of course) are Aphelion and The Judge's Daughter. Do you know that Green Day has a song of the same title? Coolness~

  2. Despite all the physical books, I'm straining my eyes on the virtual one. Julie James' one to be exact. I blame you.

  3. Julie James is so goooood!!!


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