Tuesday, February 02, 2010

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I thought now that the school holiday is finished, the kenduri kahwin will cease. Nope, it did not. Just last weekend, two of my friends got hitched. I was not invited to one and I could not make it to another one.

It really is funny, you know. The one I was not invited to, a friend SMS-ed me the night before the wedding asking if I will be going to the nikah ceremony. I was like... "WTH? I don't even know she's getting married!" Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was that clueless. No card, no SMS, no nothing and suddenly "Are you going to X's walimah?" That was really low, man, really low. Yeah, I get it. I'm not the popular type. I don't hang out with the cliques. I totally get it. Don't have to rub it in.

Well, to say I don't mind it is a blatant lie. I do mind. I mind it even more when I saw the pictures of the kenduri plastered all over facebook. I know I should've just ignore it but it's eating me from the inside. I suppose compared to others, I was not a friend enough to be invited, eh? Okay fine. I'll deal with it in my own time. Yeah, you bet I'm bitter. I might just let it past if i did not receive that text message. After all, just how many times already that I've been excluded from every other kenduri? That's how unpopular I am.

I thought I'd write about something else but I just feel like whining and venting. And this is what I come up with. Sorry, guys.


  1. dah malas nak fikir sume tu. buat sakit hati je. ingat lagi time Rahimah kawin, and Aida called the night before that suruh pegi. masa tu baru je balik dari Shah Alam sebab baru abis exam. dah la tak ingat Rahimah tu siapa. bila ajak keluar sesama, taknak pulak diorang ni. sedih betul.

  2. bile ajak keluar same2 bz pulak la diorang kan. mcm kita ni keje mengangkang. fine. kawan mcm tu. fine. don't blame me if i keep myself distanced.

  3. hmm.. is it the *u**l h*n** wedding?
    Ummi ngan Wani tak dapat invitation ker? Haih.
    Saye pon dijemput thru facebook jer. Kalo tak, mesti tak dijemput juga.

  4. Ila, yep, wedding itu lah. At least you got the invitation. Me? Nada. Wani, you? Takde, right?


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