Thursday, February 11, 2010

oh ye of little faith!

I got this one from today's The Star.

And I chuckled to myself. I just thought that the results are just so freaking predictable. Really. And kudos to The Star's team. You'd thought that putting the boring ole "Yes" and "No" is enough, but they stretch it a bit by putting the "They are beyond rehabilitation" option. And naturally, that third option is by far, the most popular one.

The poll, in my honest opinion, reflects just how much us Malaysians detest Mat Rempit. And how little faith we have to change or rehabilitate them. Personally, I can't comment much about the Mat Rempits but I do think that a number of them do went out of their way to break the law. It's like they found joy in doing so. There is a fine line between being rebellious and downright juvenile/criminal.

Now I'm not saying that all the Mat Rempit are bad, neither am I saying that all the crimes are caused by Mat Rempit but Mat Rempit does not exactly have rosy image either. Mention the word Mat Rempit and hundreds of negative words will come to mind. Drugs, free/random sex, the infamous bohjan and bohsia, illegal racing and not to mention snatch theft. And the saddest part of all is the fact that most of the Mat Rempits are Malay.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe. I admit, I have very little faith in Mat Rempit. I don't believe they will turn over a new leaf unless tragedy strikes. Yeah, like in the stupid Malaysian movies where Mat Rempit is considered a hero. More so when his friend died and he repent. Talk about cliche.

Oh, and before you ask which one I voted for, know this: Every vote is confidential. Hehehe!

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