Thursday, April 29, 2010

in the arms of the angel

One of my sisters got admitted to the hospital late last night due to dengue fever. It's the first in the family. Must be some kind of test/dugaan for us because Mama left to Langkawi early morning yesterday. Things just kinda happen when Mama is not around. I guess Mama really is our guardian angel who keeps looking after us even though we thought we can take care of ourselves.

I know it worried Mama a hell lot when one of her children got sick. Just a few days ago I, I had this conversation with her in the car. Mama was thinking about going for umrah. I encouraged her to do so. But somehow, Mama was reluctant. And I know why. Because she knows we'll thrash the house.Because she's not sure whether we will be safe without her. The love and concern of a mother knows no boundaries. Now, I think, more than ever, she will have another reason to not to go for umrah in the near future.

I wish I could convince her that we can all take care of ourselves, that we will be okay without her. Well... for a short time, that is. But the thing is, even I feel at loss when she's not around. The house is never the same without Mama. I am 25 but I still need my mother by my side. Funny, eh? I still feel like my Mama's little girl. I guess I will always feel like that. Even when I'm 30. She's my guardian angel, you see.

For this upcoming Mother's Day, I wish for Mama to know how much I love her. I'll die for her if need be. I know we're making her worry and sad with our behavior but Mama, each and every one of us love you more than we love each other. You are our guardian angel. And our personal doctor. Maybe you should slow down on being so obsessed with health supplements. Really. Okay, don't.


  1. haha..
    when u kawin pon..u still need ur mama okie.

    hope ur sis get well soon..

    pesan ngan dia..minum 100plus banyak2

  2. which sister is this? masuk hospital mana ni?

  3. ya,
    which sister?
    shira ker?

    after your mum,
    you also the guardian angel
    in your family.
    U can take care of them.
    I believe.

    Pi es: it is natural for a mother to be worried 24-7. Haha

  4. madey: mama forever.

    wani: it's aishah. hospital selayang:

    ila: aishah yg masuk spital. dahla ade asma plak. me cannot be the guardian angel. tlg g guardian je leh. hehehe.


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