Wednesday, May 05, 2010

the one that haunts *updated*

I bet most people have seen this trailer.

I have to be honest. This is, by far, the most beautiful trailer I've ever seen for a Malaysian movie. But I'm not going to talk about the trailer. I'm not going to comment on yet another Farid - Lisa pairing. I'm not going to try to find any justification in Farid playing the role of Kasyah. Though I think Que Haidar looks very convincing in the trailer. And Lisa's cry of agony when Que lit a fire to the magazine is ... heart-wrenching. Okay, so I'm looking forward for the release of this movie.

Aaaaanywaaay. Another reason why I love (yes, I LOVE this trailer) the trailer is because of the song. Yes, the song. It has some kind of haunting quality to it and it goes so beautifully with the trailer. Here's the thing, though: I could not find the title and the name of the singer for this song. I Google-d for it every single day. Zilch. Nothing about the song. Misteri nusantara sungguh. Maybe I did not search for it hard enough but seriously, not one thing about the song in the trailer.

Could it be this is a marketing strategy employed by the filmmaker to create some sort of curiosity about the movie? Let's face it; Almost everyone who was born in the 80's know who Ahadiat Akashah is. We read at least one of his novels. He was IT back then. And Budak Setan is his ultimate masterpiece. A legend, if I may say so. Whether the movie will match the greatness of the novel is yet to be seen. By the look of the trailer, I think it has some promise and potential.

But, really, I just need to know who's the singer of that song and what is the title of the song. It's just so damn haunting that I hear it even in my sleep. Anyone? Anyone at all? Jangan biarkan diri saya diselubungi misteri. Please?

* * * * * Edited/Updated * * * * *

I forgot. I have this picture...

The picture was taken when I went to the KL International Book Fair in March. Farid Kamil was there signing copies of the Lagenda Budak Setan novels and the movie posters as well. I have one confession to make. Saya menyesal tak beli novel Lagenda Budak Setan pada hari itu!

What? Do you think I'm gonna say I love Farid Kamil? Pffft!


  1. Ummi,
    Awak buat saye nak baca buku
    Lagenda Budak Setan!

  2. Tak sabar nak tgk! Nak tau novel@movie lagi best...

  3. Ila: Saya pun nak baca jugak!

    Dian: Tengok trailer cam gempak je kan. Harap-harap best.

  4. dah habes ke google?


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