Monday, April 05, 2010

i've lost my plot

There's this...

and there's this...

Those, ladies and gentlemen, are the amount of reading I need to catch up with. Though I doubt it that I will actually read Barbara Taylor Bradford's books. Maybe I'll read them when I finally run out of books to read. By the way, the books in the first picture belong to my aunt who like me, loves to read and she just love Barbara Taylor Bradford and Nicholas Sparks. We got those books at the Big Bad Wolf's sale earlier.

And the books in the second picture are... yours truly. I got them at BookXcess. Dalam duk berkata tak nak beli banyak pun TERbeli jugak enam buah buku. The other one is Nora Roberts' which is now in my aunt's hand. Harap-harapla tak rosak buku tu. I'm looking forward to read Georgette Heyer, though, because I read somewhere that she is one the best romance writers of all time.

One at a time, Ummi, one at a time.

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