Tuesday, June 29, 2010

don't make me repeat myself

I should've give meself a pat on the back. Why? Because I've been staying away from McDonald's, KFC, Kenny Rogers and all the fast food for about three weeks now. Three weeks?! Holy shlamoly! I kid you not, ladies and gentlemen. It's a tremendous feat for me. Seriously, yo. 3 weeks is like... pure torture. Oh, the temptations! You can't even start to imagine. I pass by McDonald's two times a day every Monday to Friday. And Saturday if I have to work. Temptation, indeed. I even stay away from Coke. Coke, my friends. Coke as in my most favorite drink in the whole wide world. Telan air liur aku sambil menaip ni.

The reason I've been avoiding all those yummy treats? I just think that it is time for me to ease off the fast food. And to challenge myself to see how long can I stand not consuming a Big Mac and the french fries. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin. I am pretty determined, no? Three weeks. Even I'm amazed with myself. And no, it has got nothing to do with boikot-barangan-Yahudi thingy. Whatever opinion I have on that matter, I'll keep it to myself, thank you very much. Not that you care, right?

Speaking of McDonald's, it reminds me of this one... uhh... experience, for lack of better word, I had. Remember that sometimes McDonald's will give out their discount coupons for their set meals? Yeah, the one where you can get at least 10% off your Big Mac meal. Well, I got the vouchers at one time (no surprise there). So one day, as I was queuing up to buy my Big Mac set, I noticed that the expiry date of the vouchers are on that very day. I still had lots of voucher that time. And my thought at that time was "Ish... sayangnye..."

So what did I do?

I started to offer the vouchers to the people who were queuing up there as well! How nice I was, eh? Some people were skeptical at first that it make me felt like saying "Hei, makcik, nampak tak muka saya ni muka orang baik-baik?", which of course I refrained from doing. Most people accepted the coupons happily while saying 'Thank you' profusely. It made me happy. Really, it did.

But... Yes, there is a but.

There were these two young ladies, smartly dressed, queuing up as well. When I offered the coupons to them, they looked at me as if I'm crazy. And they were like "Betul ke ni?". I was feeling murderous at that time just by looking at their reaction. But I kept the smile on my face and told them the coupons are genuine. And they went "Takpelah. Kitorang tak pakai kupon ni." with these it's-not-like-we-don't-have-money-like-you faces. Wah! That, my friends, is what I call first-class bitches! Please excuse my Spanish. Really. Even though I had like ten more coupons, I just stopped offering them. I tore the coupons into pieces and threw it away.

It killed my giving mood. My generosity vanished. Poof! Look, bitches, I know you can afford like ten sets of McDonald's meals. But that doesn't mean you can look down on other people. What or who gives you that right? If you don't want it, just say "No, thank you" politely. Is it bloody hard to do so? Okay, okay. Let me take a deep breath first. Phew. Fine. They paid extra for their meals. Their choice. Lantak kau. Pergi mampus sana. End of the story.

So, I haven't had McDonald's for three weeks. Can I survive until Ramadhan? Err...

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  1. wahh.... baru beberapa minggu je ke? wow! taruja...


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