Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i have green blood

I changed the layout, again. Need to err... refresh? I don't know. I just feel that it is time to change it, anyway. I grabbed it from Blogger itself, tweaked it a bit and here you go. How is it? Simple enough for you? Should I change the color of the font? Or should I change the background? Let me know, please. And I'm trying to fit everything in one post today.

Meanwhile, lately I've been playing Alien Shooter quite a lot. Lame, I know but somehow it feels kinda satisfying to shoot at the aliens and see the blood spewing all over. Uh-oh. I hope I'm not going mental. Yet. Hey, it's all in the good name of fun. And yeah, I was bored, if you really need to know. Maybe I should check out Zombie Shooter 2 as well. Hmm...

I wanted to write a review for Lagenda Budak Setan (yes, THAT movie) but I'm too lazy to do it. And honestly, I don't think I have anything remotely nice to say about that movie. Biggest disappointment of the year. I guess that should sum it all up. Movie itu masih hangat di pasaran ke? By the way, I heard A-Team and Karate Kid are great. Double temptation. Too bad I hate that Jaden kid. Rasa macam nak sepak-sepak je dia dalam cerita The Day The Earth Stood Still (selain rasa nak sepak Keanu Reeves. Wadekayu!). Perhaps I'll give A-Team a try.

Oh. And it's the World Cup fever, yo! I don't really know which team to support but I think Argentina is on top of my list followed by Spain and South Korea. What's yours?


  1. karate kid is a slow movie. not so fun because of that. pfft!

    world cup: Germany!

  2. I totally agree, Jaden was extremely annoying, but dunno if it was his acting, or the fault of the director/producer: after all, they also had Keanu Reeves... and overall it was a horrendous remake of the original movie!

    But as a matter of principle I won't be watching the new Karate Kid movie anyway (it's Kung Fu Kid, really!): what's with all these remakes anyway? Dah tak de any new ideas, izzit? *sigh!*

    btw remember we tweeted a bit about DAYBREAKERS when it was going to come out? Did you ever see it? I just watched it last night and highly recommend it :)

    ... and re new/refreshed look: nice choice! I like this one too. very cooling, kan? :)

  3. re-arrange: Lerr. I thought kalau dah ada lawan-lawan, takdela slow. Meh. Tak jadi nak tengok. Ooohh. Germany. Strong side.

    lynne: The movie is... like this one big gajah putih(?). Yeah, what's with the remakes anyway? I saw your tweets earlier and decided to download Daybreakers. Gonna watch it soon *fingers crossed*

    Glad you like the new layout. Thanks!


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