Thursday, June 17, 2010

don't be silly!

It's a wonder really just how much social networking sites are dominating our lives.

When Twitter went gila a few days ago, the world went gila as well. People raged and cursed. I didn't even realize that Twitter was down until I saw this incessant tweets from Khairy Jamaluddin saying "Twitter is dead". He was spamming the feed. LOL. But seriously, remember those Twitter-less times? Wasn't it a bit less complicated? Now, even I am hooked to Twitter. It's the easiest, fastest way to communicate and get the latest gossip news. Facebook becomes almost obsolete with the presence of Twitter.

But I still love Facebook. I get to connect with my family and friends through Facebook. And they have all these games/applications! I love to see the pictures they posted, the status updates, the comments, the constantly-changing relationship status and some other stuff. It's just that nowadays, that excitement just kinda wane. Facebook loses its fun factor. To me, anyway. It's just too complicated. And to be honest, there is way too much drama in Facebook. Penat tau aku tengok status-status drama/jiwang ni! Sakit otak! Aku buat takpe!.

I don't know... Twitter, Facebook, myspace. They're in. They've become a way of life for almost all of us. We become anxious once we are kept away from them, just like we become anxious when our mobile phones are taken away from us. I know that when I saw the little red number notifying me of new comments, I will click it immediately. Kalau tak, rasa tak senang duduk. That is how much Facebook commands my attention. I think it's time for me to take a break from Facebook, kot. It's not like I can't live without it. Right? Right? Habisla Cafe World dengan Mafia Wars aku nanti.

I wonder, though, kalau Wani ada Twitter, what would it be like? I'm just wondering, Wani, not suggesting anything. Promise. NOT! Hahahaha!

This is my Twitter, by the way. Oh. And it is set to private.


  1. You know lah what I'd do. Setiap seminit update. Tweet 60 kali sehari!

  2. I'm considering abandoning my Twitter for a week, or a month... I know a lot of my productivity has gone down the drain once I signed up for it.. why bother compose a coherent blog post when you can just tweet something witty in 140 characters? Srsly. So many blog ideas kaput because once I tweeted, dah takde mood to write it out properly.

    For FB I deleted all the games, but then reinstalled Scramble and BejeweledBlitz: the latter is the bane of my existence!! But FB's usefulness can't be denied: my school reunion that was held in May was amazing, with a great turnout, mainly due to the connectivity that FB provides.

  3. Wani: 60 kali sehari is considered average!

    lynne: A week? Possible. A month? Err... I don't know about that. The same thing happened to me, too! Dah bagitau kat Twitter, lazy nak type the whole post.

    But yes, FB is very useful. It's like your personal event planner/manager. The networking thing is extensive.

    But the again everything has its pros and cons, right?


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