Friday, July 30, 2010

cuci the musical 2: a noobie point of view

I was a theater virgin. Until last night, that is. And boy, was it a smashing way to start my experience with theater! I went to watch Cuci The Musical 2 last night at the Istana Budaya and honestly, I loved every minute of it. Even the part when I got home at 2 in the morning.

In a nutshell, Cuci The Musical 2 is the story of four brothers: Fairil (Afdlin Shauki), Khai (Hans Isaac), Jojo (Awie) and C'Tan (Nabil) who operate Cuci-Cuci Services (M) Sdn. Bhd., which they pronounced as "Cuci-Cuci Services M dalam kurungan Sendirian Berhad" throughout the play. The brothers share a dream of servicing the exterior of the tallest twin-towers in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC. Their shot at the dream begins with the Window Washing Olympics (WWO) - a competition run by Citi Jasmin or better known as CJ (Vanida Imran). However, they face tough competition from the owner of Wira Maju, Wira (Harith Iskander).

Co-directed by Harith himself with Datuk Zahim Albakri, Cuci The Musical 2 aims to entertain. And entertain they did. Last night, the guest of honor was none other than DYMM Raja Permaisuri Agong herself and it was said that she really enjoyed the musical. Cuci The Musical 2 had me in stitches throughout the entire play. I couldn't remember the last time I laugh so hard that my jaw cramped. The entire cast of Cuci The Musical 2 should be applauded for their performance which comes off effortlessly. Hats off to the them, especially to the actors who played the four brothers.

Afdlin Shauki was his funny self, so laid back it was almost believable. Hans Isaac charmed the audience with his straight as arrow character. Nabil, surprisingly, played the obnoxious C'Tan very well. Fortunately, I couldn't compare him to AC Mizal, who played C'Tan last year. For me, Nabil made C'Tan a character of his own. But one man, in my honest opinion, truly shone that night was Awie. He played the character Jojo so well that you couldn't believe your eyes. Jojo is timid and gentle, childlike even. Awie made Jojo so adorable. I fell for his character. I really did. My hats off to you, Awie. If any of you have the chance to watch Cuci The Musical 2, watch out for Awie's performance. Top notch.

Vanida Imran, as CJ, was effortless. She's really a beauty, even up close. Harith was hilarious. I really like the scene in his office with his all-female workers. Then the way he 'orchestrated' the way his cuci team laugh, priceless. Jac, unfortunately, didn't really bring an impact to the musical. She was alright. And forgettable. Except in her Tina Turner getup. Give her another year and maybe she'll shine. It seemed to me like she was trying too hard. The guy who played CJ's father was okay. Everyone else did their part accordingly. Cuci The Musical 2 won't be the same without them.

All in all, a freaking great show. The props, the backdrops, the songs, the dances, the lighting... job well done, I must say. Do I want to watch Cuci The Musical 2 again? Over and over again, baby. That is if, if I have the fund to do so. So go and watch Cuci The Musical 2. It's fun. It's entertaining. It will make you forget all your problems for a while. Well, at least, I did.

P/S: This is strictly my opinion, based on my preference.


  1. I have never tried Malaysian Musical and perhaps I should, who knows.

    I am more into political satire. I think there're a few around KL but I have this impression that the crowd would be intimidating.

    Or maybe I should deal with my inferiority complex.

    Glad to know that you have fun with your 'date'.

  2. Faizah: Give it a try, just for fun sake. I thought I'd ogle Hans for all I want but turned out, I was paying more attention to Awie. But it was worth it. I want to go again. Sigh.

  3. Good Review Ummi,

    It wasn't my first time in IB for a local show, but yes Cuci was fantabulous. I loved it too! You were right about the four main characters.


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